Runbow and Yoshi Wooly World

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Runbow is a new game by 13AM Games that brings a fun interesting platforming party game to the WiiU.  In Runbow each player is a different colored character, 9 in total, who each represent a color of the rainbow.  Then the players have to mad dash for the finish line to see who can get there first.  But this is no simple foot race, there are obstacles like moving platforms and lava to get in the way.  This game is made for classic game players who love a challenge and are always trying to make that next jump and time it just right.  As such it may not appeal to very young players who just can get the timing right as easily as those who have been playing platforming, 2D games for years.  The best pat of this game is getting a few players together at once, with 2 it is fun, with more then that it gets frenetic and lots of fun.  I can only imagine how fun this game would be with 9 players at once.


And on the opposite end of the spectrum is a classic platforming game with a softer more woolly quality.  It is Yoshi’s Woolly World for the WiiU.  This game starts one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most well loved characters,Yoshi.  This is his first Woolly adventure following in the footsteps of Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  This game is the next step in the evolution of the yard medium.  Each character and environment has a handmade touch that is a joy to see.  From fraying yarn to the illusion of hand cut corners its great fun to play a game with this new setting.  In the game Yoshi must reach the end each level while gathering as many collectibles as possible.  For the beginners just finishing the level will be enough but for the more experienced players collectibles are key.  Each level has its own charm bringing to live a new platforming experience.  Also available are Amiibo extras where you can add a second Yoshi to the fun in the form of Samus, Woolly Yoshi or even Mario. to name a few.

Both these games are great platforming fun Runbow is available at the eShop for 14.99 while Yoshi’s Wooly World is available at retail locations now as well as the eShop for 49.99 for the game alone or win a special pack which includes a Wooly Yoshi for 59.99.

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