Unusual Ways To Keep Your Home Toasty For The Rest Of The Winter

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The winter is normally the worst time of year because it is cold. The weather changes dramatically, and staying warm becomes an issue. Houses are infamous for letting the weather conditions affect their temperature. Thankfully, you don’t need to shiver in silence any longer. All you have to do is follow these weird yet wonderful tips. If you do, your home will be toasty warm.


Cover The Keyhole

The keyhole may look insignificant, but it is where heat displacement takes place. The little hole in the door is enough to let cold into your home that then mixes with the warm air. As the cold air is stronger, it overpowers the warm air. The result is that your home transforms into an igloo. All you have to do to stop it is block the keyhole with tin foil. In fact, any draft that you can feel needs blocking to stop the heat from dissipating.

Waterproof Your Property

The key to staying warm is to stay dry. And, you may think that is not hard, yet the reality is a lot different. Lots of properties are not properly waterproofed, and they are colder as a result. The moisture brings in the cold air, and the heat dissipates again leaving the house feeling colder. To stop it, waterproof the relevant parts of your property. If you are not sure what they are, the web page http://www.hydraway.net/uses/residential-waterproofing will provide more answers.

Swap The Blinds For Curtain


Blinds are not good at blocking heat because they are mainly wood or plastic. Both these materials are not great absorbers of heat, unlike fabric. Curtains are fabric, and the material is brilliant at stopping the heat from escaping. The particles get trapped in the thick layers and some rebound back into the house. Regardless, your home will benefit from thick, layered curtains over cold blinds.

Unblock The Windows

It may be winter, but the sun is still shining. You want to take advantage of the sun’s UV rays by keeping the windows clear during the day. This tactic may not seem like much, but it does work. And, it is also one of the most energy efficient tactics at your disposal. There is nothing better than a hack that warms the house and saves money.

Paint The Exterior

Painting the exterior is science at work. You know that dark, matte colors are better at conducting heat right? That means you want dark, matte colors on the outside of your home. The paint will absorb the heat straight into the house and instantly make it feel warmer. Although it takes a lot of effort, it is well worth it to keep the cold at bay. To find more about what colors absorb heat, check out https://www.colormatters.com/color-and-heat-absorption.

Get A Log Burner

Central heating systems are expensive, which is why you need a cheaper alternative. A log burner is that alternative. Not only does it burn wood, which is cheap, but it also gives off lots of heat. And, the heat will reach every room in the house if you keep it open.

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