Liberty Science Center Science Sabers and Star Wars (And WIN Tickets)

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The Liberty Science Center in nearby Jersey City, NJ is the host of a plethora of fun on a  regular basis.  They also constantly rotate exhibits and events for extra fun and excitement.  One such event was called Science, Sabers and Star Wars.  The event centered on the science in in the Sci-fi phenomena that is Star Wars.  Visitors were able to go through Jedi training with a real drone, practice taking down the Death Star Star, use little more then simple machines and their minds to lift objects twice their size, and build their own light saber. There were also Pop-Up Science demonstrations involving holograms, plasma blades, and droids.

All the fun an excitement was a wonderful way to get kids and adults to learn science and mechanics with hands on activities in true Liberty Science Center fashion.  With a special Star Wars themed Tesla Coil Show and appearances by tons of Star Wars fans in costume as well as the 501st Stormtrooper Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and the Empire Saber Guild.  There was even a special appearance by a certain fan favorite droid as well.  All this and more made for an exciting weekend and a great way to spend the day as not only fans of Star Wars came together but also fans of science in general.


For the little explorers and still open now until May 15th, is a special Sid the Science Kid exhibit called Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit! where kids can catapult Sid’s toys into his toy box using a lever, test inertia on a skateboard, make patterns with cookies, learn the properties of matter, and experiment with friction and different surfaces.


All this and more can be found at the Liberty Science Center, where science comes alive on a regular basis.  Just to name a few of the upcoming events, there is a Day of the Drones on March 6, 2016, Science Camp over the summer, and an ever changing schedule of IMAX movies where where the gigantic IMAX screen makes the smallest of critters and the liveliest of robots come to life.

If you would like to win a 4 pack of tickets, please just leave your name and email in the comments below.  Thanks!


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