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Now that it’s, summer (and now that nature has hopefully figured out what season is it) it is now time to enjoy the sun.  One of the best ways to enjoy that beautiful weather is by screaming at the top of your lungs on a thrill ride or roller coaster.  One of the most popular local amusement parks is Dorney Park in near by Allentown Pa.


Dorney Park is the perfect destination for fans of summer fun- all ages and enjoyment levels will have a great time, from the roller coaster enthusiast to the little ones who just want to play with familiar Peanuts characters and get their feet wet.  The best way we have found to tackle an amusement park is by splitting up at some point.  Mom and little guy venture off together to the kids area while dad ventures onto the roller coasters.  This is the way the day starts because lines are shorter earlier in the morning.  We all get in several rides before meeting up again to discuss the plans for lunch and the rest of the day.


As my son is getting bigger and more adventurous, he is sometimes interested in something with a bit more thrill and a little less little kiddie.  He is now able to hit the roller coaster rides with Dad, but sometimes height and safety requirements are just not there yet for him.  He gets on the ones he is able to, and we do the “lighter” ones as well.  Dorney Park has rides for all levels of enthusiast, including eight roller coasters spread out throughout the park.  Snoopy Planet is perfect  for the little ones, which not only includes rides but also have character interactions and an amphitheater for special kid oriented shows throughout the day.


There are also classic thrill rides which turn up the fun with big turns, big twists, and big fun.  Family rides are perfect for everyone to enjoy (even those of us who can no longer do the big thrill rides).  These are similar to the carousel, road rally cars, and a Ferris wheel.


Some tips for Dorney:  Come early, keep hydrated, always know where the bathrooms are, bring comfortable shoes, and if hitting the roller coasters but are of a taller or heavier weight then average- ask the employees for their honest opinion on if you will fit in the seats, it will save a ton of time and a ton of embarrassment, lol.


  1. I have not heard of Dorney park before!! What a fun place to take the kids to, my kids loved amusement parks when they were younger.

  2. Looks like a great place for the whole family. Love your son’s shirt that he wore in the photo, super fun!

  3. I’ve not had the opportunity to get to Dorney Park and we love the Peanuts Gang-so this will be on our list of places to get to this summer for sure. BTW–so loved your son’s shirt–priceless!!

  4. Jacqui Odell says

    That park looks pretty cool! I bet all three of my kids would love it!

  5. He has the perfect shirt! But you knew that. Thanks for the info, we have never been, and now we have to check it out!

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