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Snuggling up With Cuddly Characters

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My son is a cuddle monster, and he loves his stuffed animals.  In fact, I often joke that he likes to “Scrooge McDuck” in his pile of fluffy toys, making a huge pile and rolling around in it.  It’s how he sleeps.  It’s the oddest thing….but I guess we all have our “thing”, don’t we?

Recently, he found some video game stuffed toys that he loves. First there are the Nintendo Plush, which are not only cute, but also fun to play with and act out the games your child loves best.  Perfect for the collector or kids, they come in all sorts of characters, new and old, and even the more obscure.  Some of them even make the well knows Nintendo game sounds, like the coin bling, and the Koopa Troopa “hit” sound.  I’d try to spell those sounds for you, but I’m not willing to take the hate mail from fans (haha).  Find your child’s favorites (or your own) like Kirby, Mario, the coin box (really!) Koopa Troopa, Cat Toad or regular Toad- you can find most characters.  Visit any store that sells toys and pick yours up- prices vary, most are under $10.

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Collectors or kids will love the collectable Pokemon toys to commemorate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Every month until December 2016, one retailer-exclusive Mythical Pokémon will be released. These extremely rare Pokémon will be released as 8” plush in a very special crushed velvet material, as well as  2” pearlescent-finished figures that come with their own pearlescent-finished Poké Balls. There will also be various limited-edition Pikachu products all year long, but you gotta catch ’em all- because when they are gone, that’s it!  Visit to see what Pokemon is being released each month and at what retailer. Prices vary.


Precious Moments might not be out of a video game, but they are sweet and snuggely. They are perfect for even the smallest stuffed animal lovers, with a new 17-piece Precious Baby line just for your littlest cuddle bunnies. Now available through Aurora World (who you know we love, and make some of our favorite stuffed toys), the baby toys include a blanket puppet, wind up musical toys, plush rattles, toys that recite prayers (in either English or Spanish), and your traditional plush toys. Most toys are from $12-24.  You can visite for these and even more baby items, as well as stuffed animals for older children.



  1. Amy Orvin says

    As old as I am, I still love stuffed animals or plushies. They always make me smile.

  2. What fun toys! And for a great deal! 🙂

  3. My son would really like the Nintendo Plush. I wish they were still little, because I would buy the Precious Moments plush for them. Thanks for sharing about these new products.

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