October is National Pizza Month! Be Prepared

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Calling all pizza lovers – well, that may be everyone, no? If you’re a fan (like me) then you need no reminder that October is National Pizza Month. Check out these at-home essentials that will allow ensure your DIY creations are as tasty as anything you could order.

Whether you prefer plain, meat lovers, or margherita – the below pizza pan will ensure your crust crisps to perfection and that no cheese is lost by getting stuck to the pizza cutter.

The T-fal Ingenio Pizza Cutter is extremely durable and is made of heat-resistant Tritan that seamlessly slices through pizza without damaging the pan. The Tritan also prevents the cheese from sticking to the cutter and the detachable wheel makes for a worry-free clean-up. $8.99 / Amazon, Kohls.com

good pizza cutter

Want to whip up the perfect pizza without burning the crust? The T-fal AirBake Pizza Pan allows users to create perfectly baked pizza 15% faster. AirBake uses a clever double-layer technology to provide an overall enhanced baking performance … meaning better browning, no burning, and decreased bake times! $19.99

cook pizza

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Easy breazy- and faster then delivery. Enjoy October and your next pizza.


  1. That looks like a really nice pizza cutter. This would be helpful for us to have since we eat pizza so often!

  2. Those both look like great products for making your own pizza. We like to make our own pizza once in awhile.

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