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Is your child begging for a new pet this year, but you don’t want something else to clean up after? Look no further- we’ve found an array of low-maintenance pets for your holiday gift giving.

robot chimp

Zoomer Chimp is one of the latest in the line of Zoomer robotic pet toys. He has a lot of ?moves” to him, and can move on all fours as well as standing up on two legs. He can be taught to follow you, to “Chimp Talk” (repeat what you say), can be taught new words as you play with and train him, knows 10 commands (watch what happens when you tell him to “go bananas!) and will let you know how he is feeling by the color of his eyes and facial features.  Zoomer Chimp makes a lot of sounds as well, and has “progressive play” built in so he doesn’t always move the same way. His wiggles and dances are adorable and funny, which will make him a hit with kids (and dad, too). He needs 3 AAA batteries and 1 LiPo battery, and requires wall adapter to charge (not included). Prices vary – I’ve seen everything from $69-$110, so look around before you make a purchase.

zoomer hedgehog

Zoomer also put out the adorable and fluffy Hedgiez this year. They come in several colors, including blue (so boys won’t feel left out- my son adores his).  He (or she) does tricks, rolls around, and likes to play with you, as well as cuddles up and giggles. It’s a quieter toy then some robot pets, since hedgehogs are not known for wild parties, I assume. Mom and dad will love that. The fur is soft, not plastic, and can be brushed or styled with the included comb.  It will curl up when tickled (very cute) and blow you kisses. It comes with stickers as well, which is always a bonus. Hedgiez requires four AAA batteries (not included).  Prices seem to vary pretty wildly here as well- from $18-$40, depending on retailer and what sale is going on- do your homework when you buy (’tis the season!).

robot dogs

Chubby Puppies and Friends are very cute and affordable. They have been around for a little while, but they just keep getting better. They have added all sorts of animals to the original dogs (and there are a lot of dogs to pick from as well), such as bunnies, horses, pandas, all kinds of cats, and more. Some even have their own babies in the same pack (Mommy or Daddy and baby animal of choice sets) which delights my son and all children who like cute things or to play “baby” or house or….play. So, you know. All kids. Some sets come with “fashion sets” like a carrying bag for the pup and accessories like sunglasses, bows, etc, and there are playsets available as well (dog park, fashion runway, etc). The pets walk, hop, waddle by battery operated power. Each pet needs it’s (included) 1 AAA battery. Prices start at around $7.99 per pet, more for fashion sets and play sets.

home toy making kits

Want to build your own pet? Now you can create your own stuffed toys at home with the Build A Bear Stuffing Station.  Just like in the stores, these new furry friends will have their own adoption/birth certificates for you to name them and make them your own. Each kit contains 1 Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station (where you make your bears) 2 Build-A-Bear Furry Friends (1 bear, 1 bunny) 2 shirts, 2 hearts, 2 bags of stuffing for your friends, an instruction guide, accessories, and 2 birth certificates. Yes, you can get refills/more animals to stuff (additional purchases). Even better? Batteries not required! Runs on kid power. The price is $29.99 on

walking toy dog

Peppy Pups has the sweetest face, is no tech, and will get your kids outside and moving. What’s not to love about this toy? This doggie will follow you everywhere. Take him for a walk (indoor or out) and he will walk alongside, run, and even give bouncy “jumps”  since he literally has a spring in his step. It’s plush fur is soft, and s/he has springs in her feet to give it that “puppy prance” when you take her for a walk. No baggies required! You can get yours at Toys “R” Us nationwide and Amazon for $19.99 (standard retail price).

real baby dolls

When a pet won’t do, and they are begging for a little brother or sister, take a look at the new Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real. For the first time, CPK is giving children an interactive doll experience.  While they still have those classic Cabbage Patch looks, these life-like baby dolls have traditional play patterns kids love and are full of the latest technology. Baby coos, burps, sleeps, even runs a fever- and your child gets to play mommy or daddy in a fairly authentic way (for a doll). There is a “magic” spoon with medicine, your child feeds it and changes the baby doll, and more. Eyes open, close, and look around the room. It has random reactions, just like a “real” baby would. Of course, as with all Cabbage Patch Kids, Baby So Real is soft and snuggely, and comes with removable clothes (other outfits available for purchase). In case you were wondering, yes Virginia- there’s an app for that.The online mode allows you to see the virtual nursery where you can play with your baby, feed, diaper burp and administer TLC. You can also play games, watch video clips and earn baby points for additional virtual accessories and new features. Baby So Real is available in Blonde, Brunette, and African American babies, comes with a fully removable outfit and diaper, a special interactive bottle and medicine spoon, birth certificate, adoption papers and a free baby monitor style app for additional virtual play.  Retail price is $99.99



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