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Wowwee Robots Chip and Coji

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Robots are one of the most toys for kids of all ages- everyone loves them (if they work!)- and the newest generation of robots are smarter, more fun, more realistic, and can even charge themselves in some cases.  In other cases can teach you a thing or two about how they work.

Lets look at two of the latest from Wowwee.

chip dog robot

First up is Chip.  Chip is the newest affectionate intelligent robot dog.  With senors ranging from touch to audio and voice to gyros to know when it is picked up, Chip packs a lot of fun in a little package.  Chip is about the size of a tiny dog and rolls around on his wheel-feet, rugged enough to navigate most flat surfaces.  Chip expresses himself with an LED screen-wrapped-face as well as his body language.  Chip is quite fun to play with.  He comes with a remote control to fully engage with him, a ball to play fetch, and even a charging stand that he will find on his own and charge on when his batteries get low.  This final bit makes him so close to a real pet is is almost scary, where he can in essence feed himself or rest for the night after a day of play.  Chip can understand hand gestures, voice commands, and pats on his head as ways to interact on a personal level with him.  Chip is available now and retails for $163.99

Next up Is Coji.  Coji is an Emoji-based, programmable robot who does exactly what you tell him and in an easy to understand and grasp programming language based almost entirely on Emoji’s.  Since that’s how kids communicate lately, why not? There is also a rich app experience which further expands on problem solving and the programming mentality to get your children interested in coding and solving problems from a progress based point of view.  The more you use Coji and the app, the more you understand what Coji is capable of, and the further you can develop your own programs for Coji with “If/Then” statements, loops, and other programming techniques which will be learned without them even knowing.  Coji is available now and retails for $59.99.

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