Macaroni from Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith CD Release

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New music is always a great way to invigorate kids and get them up and moving. Monkey Monkey Music has a new collection of songs, Macaroni, available for sale now. Parents may already be familiar with Monkey Monkey Music and Meredith LeVande (the creator). Her songs and music videos have been featured on PBS Kids, Kids Thirteen, and over 100 public television stations across the US.

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Macaroni is the title track and like many of the other songs it touches on a hallmark of childhood and creativity, all of the uses we can find for macaroni! Whether we wear it, or use it to make music, Monkey Monkey Music points out how something as simple as pasta can be transformed by imagination and ingenuity.

Education through music is a big part of Meredith LeVande’s work. Her words invoke the joy that learning can bring forward in young children while their body moves to the beat.

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As an educator and songwriter Meredith has been creating music since 2001. Her work is available on CD and DVD on the Monkey Monkey Music site, iTunes, and Amazon. Monkey Monkey Music has two previous albums you can check out as well, Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith LeVande released in 2004, and What Are the Odds released in 2010.

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