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Have your children been playing .io games as much as mine? At first, I didn’t know what ‘.io’ meant. After doing some research, I learned that ‘.io’ represents an entire class of multiplayer games. Some are focused on action, like traditional free-for-all bouts. Other .io titles are more puzzled-based, challenging gamers to think while they play. And some .io games are focused completely on strategy. The point is, ‘.io’ represents just about any modern multiplayer game, with one key feature: they’re free to play! is a brand-new game on Poki. Like other .io titles, it loads in the browser, without downloading any special apps or making purchases. But, takes a little bit longer to load than other games. That’s because it has rich, 3D graphics. Very old computers might not be able to handle, but any modern device will have no problems at all.

Inspiring Sights and Sounds
I’ve never seen such pretty graphics in a free game. The first level in is called Grimm Graveyard, which is a haunted mountain region. There are spooky cliffs, tiny caves, and narrow bridges abound. The environment feels alive, as ominous thunder and flashes of lightning strike the ground. Old, bare trees sway and creak in the wind. All the while, high-energy music plays in the background. The soundtrack at Grimm Graveyard is reminiscent of children’s Halloween music. It’s playfully dark, goofy, and fun!

Controlling Beasts
The controls in this game aren’t nearly as complex I would’ve thought. With such modern graphics and layered levels, I assumed that there’d be too many buttons to memorize. Thankfully, that’s not the case. The controls are so simple that anyone can play, from a three-year-old to a not-so-savvy adult. There are just a pair of controls: one to move and one to punch.

Playing with the mouse is easy; the right button allows movement, and the left button punches. The keyboard controls are also kid-friendly. The arrow keys (or WASD) move the character, and the spacebar (or enter key) punches. If players have a gamepad, they can use that to control their Brute. The gamepad is recommended, as it makes for the easiest controls of all: use the left joystick to move and the X/A button to punch.

Action and Strategy is essentially a fighting game, where monsters try to knock each other down. The action is very cartoonish, which means that it feels more silly than violent. I view that as a positive factor, because I won’t worry about my young ones playing. There is no blood, and when a Brute dies, it leaves a bunch of shiny orbs behind. Even though the action resembles a free-for-all, a little bit of strategy goes a long way. Players can use unique power-ups at the right time to take out the biggest players. Also, knowing when to play defense, hide, and not fight can lead to more successful rounds.

There’s a lot to uncover in, and now’s the perfect time to try!

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