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Wings and Waffles will make your mouth water!

Brew Wings has kicked it up to a whole new level with their take on the now classic chicken and waffles. Wings and Waffles adds spice to the sweet salty goodness that has attracted eaters to the original pairing. If you like Buffalo wings at all, you will love this food truck.

Chicken is a major feature, but the Brew Wings menu goes beyond what their name implies. Yes they have wings, great delicious ones that come in your choice of sauce, Stefano’s Original Buffalo or Brew-B-Q, and chicken tenders too. For those that want to keep their fingers clean there are options like the Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich or the vegetarian grilled cheese. You can also go sweet all the way and enjoy some crisp waffles in syrup. Add a few tatter tots and you have a meal that will hit all your tastebuds.

Wings and Waffles was a new experience and as a wing lover this new spicy element adds to my general craving for the lip burning goodness of Buffalo sauce. The wings are lean and large which makes for a healthy bite without dealing with tiny chicken pieces. The Brew Wings sauce is also a perfect blend of flavors that left my tongue and lips tingling in the best way. If you can’t handle a little heat definitely go with the Brew-B-Q sauce.

The waffles that accompanied those wings were light and fluffy with a great crispy outside. As someone that makes a lot of waffles I was really impressed with Brew Wings. You might be thinking the spicy Buffalo sauce and maple syrup wouldn’t mix but it is a surprisingly great combo that I am already craving more of. In a line up of food trucks this would be a top pick for me.

Now I love my tatters in tot form on any day but when you can get them fried to golden deliciousness then smothered under chicken, cheese, and I poured on the BBQ sauce, the combo is divine. The BBQ sweetens up the savory tots, which are tossed in garlic salt to give them a nice depth.
In the case of the Brew Wings Food Truck the line might be long, but that is because what they are serving inside is worth the wait!

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  1. Jenna Hudson says

    Those tator tots sound decadent! Wish I had food trucks I my area!

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