Going Camping? Check these out.

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If you are headed out into the great outdoors anytime soon, you might want to check out some of these items. Not just for camping, but having other outdoor uses as well, you will find they make your camp experience that much more comfortable.

The new Quik Shade canopies recently launched SOLO Steel. This series of six portable, instant shade canopies makes setting up a breeze. They are lightweight and easy to carry, can be set up by one person, are pinch free and allow you to adjust it’s height as needed as the sun moves or if the ground is uneven- this is a real boon and very helpful. It has 99% UV sun protection built in, so it keeps away harmful rays, as well. Easy to set up AND put away (yes, really), it goes easily back into it’s carry rolling bag for easy storage. It is durable and built to last, with Rip-Stop polyester camping tent fabric that has water-resistant coating and features the Aluminex™ back lining to help you and your stuff stay dry.

The SOLO Steel canopies has a ton of options depending on your needs. Sizes range from  50 square feet of shade to 170 square feet, and comes in 5 color choices.  From $119.99 to $249.99 at https://www.quikshade.com/

One of my favorite camping finds has to have been a Kickstarter campaign. The GoGo Lantern is a very cool option for camping, and for several reasons. It’s solar powered, which means you can charge it all day long and use it for longer periods of time without having to run off and use batteries after batteries or propane etc- and the charge lasts a long time, as well. It is fully charged after roughly 8 hours of solar charge, or you can charge via USB for about 3 hours. It’s waterproof- not merely water resistant. You can actually submerge it, and it’s still both fully functional and keeps working. It’s very light and thus extremely portable. The GoGo Lantern is extraordinarily bright, much more then most I have used. It folds up into itself/collapses, which makes it easy to store and put away while not in use (or for charging). It also is magnetized, and will stick should you want it to. That’s also a pretty neat option, and one I’ve not personally seen before.

The GoGo Lantern is “the world’s first bucket which integrated LED & solar cell in one”, according to it’s  website. You can get yours for $39 and up at https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/294dad3a#/

If you are headed out into the water, you might want to bring along some dry bags. Seal Line has different sizes and colors available, and they definitely keep your stuff dry, even if the bag ends up in the water. These are space saving as well, the rectangular shape packing and saving %20 more space then rounder bags. They pack together closer as well, leaving less space in between. This saves space. They have strong, welded seams which are 50% stronger then sewn seams, to keep water out and your items dry.

Featuring an efficient-packing, patent-pending rectangular shape and strong fully welded seam construction, Blocker waterproof dry sacks are the easiest way to organize and protect clothing and gear in your pack, luggage, or on a boat. PVC free, yet tough, they are more environmentally friendly then other types of vinyls and nylons but still tough and durable. They are easy to organize by color and size, and are available starting at $15 and up at https://www.seallinegear.com/dry-sacks

To dry off, you might want to grab a few pack towels. They dry quickly, are uber soft, and are fantastic for all sorts of travel. My favorite is the “nano”, which is tiny yet mighty. I love how useful it is- and how handy. Quick drying, slim, and absorbing twice its weight in water, you can toss it in your pocket, clip it to your waistband or backpack (or whatever you’d like, Carabiner clip and mesh storage pouch included), or wear it as a headband. Or more, just some ideas. Wipe off ski goggles, your Go Pro, your face- whatever- and keep moving. You’ve got stuff to do. Then wring it out, and it’s nearly dry. It really does dry super quickly.  The nano is $10, other sizes and sizes available for $10 and up. These are more useful then you might think at first glance- give them a go, you won’t be sorry. https://www.packtowl.com

On the go, and way out there? Check out the GravityWorks 4.0L Water Filter System from Platypus. It’s perfect for basecamps, and has the high-capacity, pump-free filtration that is both easy and useful. It can deliver 4 liters of filtered water in under 3 minutes with no pumping, which we all know is a real pain in the end. This is the fastest and simplest way to get your water filtered while you are way out there. Just dip it into water, fill it, hang, and wait. The filter can be cleaned easily in the field as well, for continues use. This system meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa, so it is effective and will help keep the ew out of your drinking water. This is a great size for your average family, a medium size group of friends, or a basecamp. The system as an 8-liter total capacity,which is enough filtered water for drinking,  cooking, and cleaning up any dishes.  Get yours at https://www.platy.com/gravityworks-4-0l-filter for $120.


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