5 Handy Vacuuming Tips For Hassle-Free Cleaning

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Every home needs a vacuum cleaner. It is one of the best and efficient ways to clean almost anything. Whether it is floor cleaning or you have got to dust off the dirt from the decoration pieces, the vacuum cleaner is there to help you out. The better part is that now robotic vacuum cleaners are available, that can perform essential tasks without your assistance. There are several types of vacuums available to do specific tasks. You can check online stores for the availability of each one of them.

But there are times when vacuum cleaners are not enough. Sometimes, they are not able to reach congested areas, and then you have got to take these matter in your hand.

Here are some tips for helping you out in your necessary everyday chores.

Vacuum multiple times

Usually, vacuuming just one time is not enough. There is so much stuff that gets stuck on the carpets, and we typically do not even notice, unless we sit and stare at the rug for a long time. If you have a pet, the situation gets worse, as they have hair all over the place and most of the time vacuum cleaner does not even get them. Try to vacuum in a criss cross manner, and the do the same multiple time.

Change the vacuum bag regularly

Never leave the dirtbag unattended for weeks. If you are using vacuum cleaner daily, then change the bag on a regular basis. Changing the pack after an extended period can make the vacuum hose all clogged up and even in the worse situation it can do some permanent damage. Try changing the bag once it is 3/4th full. If your vacuum cleaner does not have a container, the clean the canister before you start cleaning and then clean it again once you are done.

Pick up the small objects

Before you start vacuuming, glance at your room. Pick small things up from the floor; otherwise, it gets stuck inside the vacuum hose and then it will affect the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Small Legos, plastic toys, coins are the most dangerous things, that should be taken care of. These things are so little and are usually neglected by people, but they can cause the most damage.

Cleaning tough spots

Every house has a sneaky place that is just so hard to clean, and they are usually left dirty. You can use some DIY technique to solve this problem. First of all check the shape of the area, if it is small and you cannot reach it directly, you can use small cardboard to wrap around the vacuum hose, and they start vacuuming. If cardboard is not available, you can also use the toilet paper roll.

Steam cleaning

Best results are always produced through steam cleaning. There is Cheap Vacuum Cleaner available in the market and online stores that can perform regular vacuuming as well as steam vacuuming. It uses hot water to clean the stubborn marks, rather than strong chemicals that damage the color of carpets and hardwood floors.


  1. Maryann D. says

    I do find that Vacuuming multiple times is helpful. I have been doing that and I also try to have my carpets cleaned yearly.


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