Six Upgrades You Might Need Right Now

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Technology advances as fast as bullet trains.  You purchase a new device today, only to give a celebratory welcome to another gadget in a span of months.

From gaming consoles, signal boosters, wallpaper TVs, to talking laptop assistants, you just might feel the need to equip almost any gadget or techno toy in your backpack. This list narrows down just the must-haves to help you alleviate the electronic clutter, not to mention money flusher items.

Phone and computer storage

Cellphones have an of average 128 to 126 MB for memory and 128 for RAM, while computers are equipped with 160GB of hard drive and 1 GB of RAM. According to Lifehacker, almost forty-five percent of users responded to requiring more than 1 TB for their data. Not ready to let go of those Euro trip photos yet? Definitely you can’t bring yourself to uninstall the latest apps for service or gaming. Maybe it’s to upgrade that memory pack.

Wireless charging pad

Resembling an intelligent saucer, a wireless charging pad is a sleek, convenient powerhouse for the Android and iPhone. It comes with a micro USB, USB adapter and wall charger with every purchased item. Take it anywheresoft, light and easy at optimal charging speed, it even prevents your phone from slipping while on charge.

Smartphone case

Take a good look at your phone. Do you have a long-standing casing for its preventive wear and tear? Plain plastic is just no good nowadays, especially not for the environment. The best phone cases are leather and more recently, plasma and composite. Durable iPhone cases have especially well-designed armor for their phones to withstand hard falls and accidental slips.

Signal booster

Face it, the internet while fast is not flawless just yet. Dropped calls and disconnected data in poor signal coverage areas are untimely for important calls and meeting when making business transactions. Great how the presence of signal boosters provide a fast-track for these hiccup situations. Wilson cell phone booster is recommended by contented mobile users. Time to get a pick-me-up for up to a couple thousand square feet.


3-in-1 USB port

Especially useful if you own a couple of devices that don’t have similar cable heads, a 3-in-1 USB port works well to charge a tablet, laptop, phone or other devices on anywhere with an outlet. This technology has an internal circuit that prevents overheating and overcharging. Most ports are lightweight, and they  sync and charge quickly.


Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are state-of-the-art mechanisms designed to diminish unwanted sounds from a semi-noisy to louder environment. Unique from standard headphones, these ensure maximum ear cushion, longer battery life, and are Bluetooth capable. Sennheiser and Bose are well-praised brands. The best kinds ensure less audio infiltration.



With the constant introductions of newly-invented contraptions in this tech-ruled world, consumers can often feel pressured to stay in tune with the latest models.

In order to separate the essentials from the lesser necessity, best to ask yourself if you really need this gadget or if it’s just a feast on the eyes. Always have a thorough review of the specifications prior to buying any device or you may end up regretting spending your hard earned money. Still, technology is a fantastic aid to our modern day and age. Until the next release of your favorite gadget then.

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