Clogged Drain? Try Roto Rooter

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What do you do when you have a clogged sink or bathtub? It’s super annoying, and it causes serious issues in the house. How are you supposed to do anything when your sink isn’t working right? And it always happens when you are having company, am I right?
roto rooter
We recently tried Roto-Rooter on one of our clogs, and I can tell you that this is not a staged photo. For real.
Our sink has been super annoying, clogging up on the regular. Not much has helped it, and we’ve tried pretty much everything. Sometimes, you just need something to get it moving in a pinch.
clogged drain
We followed the directions on the Roto-Rooter bottle, and pured half the bottle down the drain. After it cleared, we poured hot water down the drain as the directions stated. It did indeed keep it clog free for quite some time.
There are quite a few options of RotoRooter products. You can check out thesite, to see the full line of options.
Here is a video with some tips on unclogging a stubborn sink from Roto-Rooter;

If you end up in a sticky situation, it’s always good to have some Roto-Rooter on hand. Having to run out to the store with a clogged-up sink is never fun- and you know it’s likely to happen with you have a house full of guests or you are running out the door (or some such mess, it’s always something).

Head to the website, and see which product best fits your need. Keep some on hand for your next emergency, it will make your life that much easier.

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