5 Knitting Project Ideas for Beginners

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You don’t need to be 60 to start knitting. In fact there are an increasing number of young people who have taken up knitting with some fantastic results.

The benefits of knitting are much more than the ability to create your own clothes; you can also knit gifts for others! It is also a great way of lowering your stress levels and keeping mentally active; this has been shown to help reduce the risk of age related memory loss.

Virtually any project is possible for the new knitter although you will find it is easier if you look at existing knitting patterns; this will give you a guide as to what you are supposed to do.

Here are some great knitting project ideas for beginners:


  • Scarf


The scarf is one of the simplest pieces of knitting because you only need to select the width of the scarf and the length. The width will dictate the number of stitches you need and the length will dictate the number of rows.

Keeping it one color will make it very simple to knit. To make it a little more difficult simply add a second color in.


  • Hat


The hat is also a fairly simple template. Again you’ll need a template. The width of your knitting will dictate the height of the hat, while the length will need to comply roughly with the circumference of the head that you are making the hat for.

Once you’ve completed what is effectively a mini scarf you’ll be able to stitch it together to make a simple beanie style hat.


  • The Blanket


This is a larger scale project than the scarf or hat but in essence just as simple. Again the width and length of your blanket is dictated by the number of stitches on your needle and how many rows you intend to do.

You can create several scarves in different colors and then stitch them together to make a large blanket. You and your partner will be able to snuggle under it on those long winter nights.


  • Leg Warmers


If you or your friend feel the chill or simply want to jump back a few years then you can knit some delightful leg warmers.

Again this simple project has a number of similarities to creating a scarf. You’ll simply need to stitch the ends together when you’ve found the right size for your legs.


  • Shawl


This can be just as simple as knitting a blanket but you can also take this project up to the next level by adding tassels to the edges of your shawl. This will transform it from a simply blanket style shawl to a fashionable piece.

All of these projects have knitting patterns but it is advisable to practice your stitches before you start knitting any of them. The best items are finished with smaller stitches; which means smaller needles and potentially more stitches width.

Taking your time to get your stitches right will ensure that the finished garment looks perfect; every time.

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