Love To Travel? You Will Love These Bags

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If you love to travel as much as we do, then you will love these bags. Good for overnights and weekends at Grandma’s, they are just as useful for long trips.

have sippy will travel

The National Geographic luggage line by Eagle Creek is extremely durable, with weatherproof tarpaulin outer that makes the pack easy to wipe clean both inside and out. What’s not to love about that? Especially if you have kids- but anything you are dragging around is bound to get dirty, all the better if it’s easy to clean up. Since it’s easy to clean, it makes sense that the zippers are water resistant (and self repairing!). These lockable zippers have protection from thieves, wind, water, and more. It has a laptop compartment that can also be locked, as well as zippered mesh pockets and key fob. You can separate your dirty or wet items from clean items and main compartment with the front zipper compartment, and there is even a hidden space for your passport, wallet, phone- whatever items you want to keep close and safe.  Designed to be secure, it has compression straps, internal gear attachment, D rings, and it comes with an emergency whistle and spots that reflect light to help keep you visible.  Several types of bags available, prices vary, see for options.

The Wayfinder Waist Packs from Eagle Creek has been crazy useful, I’ve used it pretty much nonstop. It comes in two sizes, small and medium, and it’s great for going hands free. And shoulder free- I get so tired of dragging stuff around on my back sometimes, and it’s often inconvenient. Biking, climbing, kayaking, whatever. If you only have a few things to take with you, the Wayfinder is perfect. High capacity, quite a few compartments and zippers for organization, water resistant, and just all around easy. The water resistant coating? It’s made from recycling the PVB coating in windshields. Really. It also makes them stain resistant, which any parent or traveler will love. $30-$40 at

wet bags

Packing Cubes, Folders and Sacs are great for keeping organized and efficient. I have no way of expressing how much I appreciate these, or how often I use them- which is always. Always. When I’m going somewhere, which is often, I always, always use these. They make traveling so much easier. The Pack-It Active™ lets you organize all your gear, you can get more of your stuff into less space, as well as keep it clean. It features antimicrobial treatment to keep the stink out, and out of the rest of your luggage if you use it to keep your dirty stuff inside. Plus, you can wash it. The Pack-It Original holds its shape very well, regardless of what you have inside it. Once opened, everything is accessible and easily found and organized inside the hotel drawer or your suitcase. Packables are super, super useful- they are small and easily packed into your luggage, luggage. Yes, I know. Why pack luggage into your luggage? Because sometimes you run out of space. It’s harder to pack laundry, or maybe you just bought too much stuff on your trip. Don’t want to buy a new suitcase, or pay for a checked bag? Enter Packables. They come in DaypackDuffel and Tote/Pack and are useful to keep on hand whenever you travel. No reason to be caught wanting! Prices and colors vary, all under $40 at

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Go Dash Dot is a great “go to” bag for women on the go. With several bags (and lots of color options) and sizes to choose from, it’s a fantastic gym bag, weekender, or work to weeknight bag. It can even function as a diaper bag if you so choose. Sturdy, though heavy, it comes in tote, backpack, crossbody, and more. Some have spaces for your yoga mat, sneakers (for an easy change), carabiners, and more. There is a lot of space inside, and multiple compartments to separate your items. Keep work separate from play, night life, or whatever suits you. Prices vary, go to to see what strikes your fancy.

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