10 Wildly Fun Ways to Enjoy the Houston Zoo with CityPASS

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  1.  Up Close and Personal with the Animals: As soon as we entered the zoo gates we were greeted by the most adorable chinchilla and it’s friendly handler who let guest pet and pose for pics with the fluffy soft animal.

2. Playful Seals and Underwater life

3.  Under the sea: The Kipp Aquarium within the Houston Zoo houses 200 species of underwater animals like these stunning lionfish and moon jellyfish that we were all mesmerized by. On your way through the exhibit you’ll view 2,000 individual freshwater and saltwater fish as well as marine invertebrates that will have you feeling like you were touring the coral reefs of the Pacific, the Rift Valley Lakes of Africa and the Amazon basin.

4. Explore the new nature play area: The Houston Zoo believes that when children are encouraged to play in nature they are more likely to support and protect nature and this new area allows them to use their wild imaginations while discovering the natural world that surrounds them.  Kids can create sculptures and mud pies, build with tree branches and wall climb. Bring towels, extra clothes and expect your kids to get a bit messy!

5. Adorable Baby Elephants: During our visit we all fell in love with a few of the newest baby arrivals and gushed watching this sweet baby elephant right before she went over to the Houston zookeepers to get washed up.

6. Lions,  Chimps and Rhino’s Oh My: Make your way through the African forest which leads to the villages trading outpost and discover fierce gorillas and red river hogs before approaching a second building that houses adorable chimps and rhino’s that are soaking in the sun. At the center of the Zoo you’ll find the carnivore exhibit which features feisty big cats {jaguars, cheetahs, malayan tigers and more} who love to play hide and seek. The Lions were out in the open but we spotted an ocelot who was watching us from up high above, so keep an eye out as you pass by because they can be easy to miss.

7. Trade your Cool Stuff at The Naturally Wild Swap Shop: Kids always manage to pick up something they discovered on nature walks or strolls through the neighborhood and at the zoo’s swap shop they can bring in various items like: seashells, fossils, rocks, gems, claws, snake sheds, deceased butterflies and more! Visitors can bring in up to 3 items to learn facts about and earn points for their knowledge in order to trade.

8. Twirl around the Wildlife Carousel: For an extra $2 {members} $3 {non-members} kids of all ages will enjoy a spin around this gorgeous hand carved and painted carousel.


9. Children’s Zoo Activities:  Open daily from 10am – 5pm visitors can check out the petting zoo and brush dwarf goats, burn off some energy in the play space  that features colorful climbing walls, slides and tunnels or  pop out of a mongoose habitat to snap a picture.

9. Creepy Crawly Bugs

10. Feedings with Giraffes


  1. Houston Zoo seems like lots of fun. I love looking at the photos and I really like that you can get up close with the animals!

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