Liberty Science Center Winter Fun #LSCWinterFun

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The Liberty Science Center in nearby Jersey City, NJ has a ton to do for kids and families. They recently opened the Largest Planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. This alone makes it worth a visit.

“It is Liberty Science Center’s greatest experience yet–the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the entire Western Hemisphere. The only three that are bigger are in Beijing, China, and Nagoya and Niihama, Japan.”


The kids had an amazing time watching the live show in the domed theater. The seats we were in were pretty high up, but you can choose seats closer to the ground should you want to. The speaker used a laser pointer to show different stars and constellations in the sky, and made the sun rise and set as you watched in just a few seconds. He was also able to zoom in and out of very specific locations- one of which being the science center itself. You and your kids can see the stars at different times of the year as the speaker zooms around and gives explanations of each constellation.


There are several shows you are able to see at the planetarium at this time, Sesame Street, Laser Wonderful, and Black Holes.

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You can now see the International Sherlock Holmes show and Doc McStuffins Exhibits now at the Liberty Science Center. These temporary exhibits are a lot of fun, and part of what makes the LSC so much fun.
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At the Doc McStuffins exhibit, you and your kids can “put on a doctor’s lab coat, pick up a stethoscope, and perform check-ups on toys at LSC’s newest exhibit for young learners, Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit!

Based on Disney Junior’s award-winning TV series Doc McStuffins, the exhibit transports kids and families from Liberty Science Center to Doc’s backyard clinic and the McStuffins Toy Hospital. There, families are invited to help Doc perform check-ups in the ER, groom toy pets at the Pet Vet, feed baby toys in the nursery, and so much more.

Through imaginative play and hands-on activities, kids will learn important life lessons about health and wellness. There is so much you can do to take care of you!”

Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit is included in your general admission ticket. It will be here from Oct. 6, 2018 through Jan. 27, 2019.

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Before you leave, make sure you take time to visit the Sherlock Holmes exhibit and “solve a thrilling mystery in LSC’s newest premium exhibition! The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is now open.

In this interactive adventure, you’ll be transported into Sherlock Holmes’ London—a world filled with innovation and experimentation in the field of forensic science. While you’re hot on the trail of your own case, you’ll learn how the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, a scientific expert ahead of his time, used seemingly trivial observations of clues others missed to solve mysterious crimes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous books.

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Follow the footprints, examine the spatter patterns, decipher Morse Code, find missing items, and use your powers of observation to crack the case in this can’t-miss exhibition!”

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is available with the purchase of a Combination Pass or Premium Pass.


  1. Maryann D. says

    Liberty Science Center does seem very entertaining to visit. I think I would enjoy this as well as my children. A nice day it would be!

  2. This looks like so much fun! We love visiting the science center and our daughters have the most fun when it’s spontaneous. We’ll add this one to our travel list.

  3. I love Liberty Science Center! It was always one of my favorite trips as a kid!

  4. Now this would be somewhere I would love to take the grandkids. It looks and sounds like so much fun.

  5. Whenever I will visit NJ I would love to check out this place with kids. Looks so much fun and activities .

  6. This place seems like so much fun for the kids. Worth checking out with the boys when we’re in the North Jersey area.

  7. How cool is this place! I bet that kids would have a lot of fun. Great place to visit with the family! Thank you for sharing<3


  8. My kids would really enjoy themselves, there. My daughter would love the Doc McStuffins exhibit and my boys would love Sherlock Holmes.

  9. Looks like a fun place. My boys would have a blast here

  10. I have had the pleasure of visiting the Liberty Science Center in NJ and it is just as splendid as you describe. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. The place looks like soooooo much fun, love it. I will definitely check it out next time i am in NJ. Thanks for the recos.

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