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I’m new to backgammon; my boyfriend is teaching me how to play and giving me backgammon tips because his entire family loves the game. I wanted some extra practice to hopefully impress him with my improved skills, and I thought that trying an app might be the way to go. After all, it’s portable and I can learn the rules as I play.


I’m glad I decided to go with that route because I’ve had a lot of fun in the process. My boyfriend has even told me that he’s noticed serious improvements in my backgammon game, which is really nice to hear. Of those that I tried, there are two apps that I keep coming back to and those are the ones I want to share with you today.  

Go the Traditional Route or Get Creative with Backgammon

Both traditional and more creative fans of backgammon will be able to find the perfect game theme when playing Backgammon. You can improve your strategy skills, challenge friends and family, and see how you rank on leaderboards; something that I find particularly cool. Not to mention, there are achievements and board themes you can unlock to make playing more engaging and fun. And, if you’re not sure about the rules, you can just play against the computer until you feel confident in your skills.


If you find that you play against the computer a lot, you may find that the computer wins more games than it loses. While I totally understand where people might find this annoying, it seems to me like it’s par for the course when playing against a computer. But, at the end of the day, you’ll have to decide this for yourself.

Backgammon Live

Backgammon Live lets you compete alongside millions of players around the world with a variety of online multiplayer games; all of which are really fun. You can also unlock rewards the more you play. Then, you can use these to access new board themes to make your game more personalized. Plus, if you’re not sure how to play backgammon or you just need a quick refresher, you have the ability to do so by playing backgammon online with friends.


More experienced backgammon players may prefer this game less than beginners and here’s why: the game tends to favor players who spend more money on bonuses. While this doesn’t really affect me because I’m still learning (and, as a result, I’m not playing against super high-level players just yet), I’ve heard that this is the case for some of the more high-level players, so keep this in mind.


I’ve been having a blast learning how to play backgammon and I think you will too with this apps. Even if you’re a more experienced player who wants a fun way to spend some extra time, I would definitely recommend these apps to you.


If you tend to be the type of person who likes to do a little extra research on your own, I wanted to provide you with the source where I found both of these apps so you can do a little additional exploring. It’s a top 10 app list for backgammon, which I found to be really helpful, so hopefully, you will too!


Best 10 Games for Playing Backgammon


If you have any interest at all in backgammon, I can’t recommend these enough. I hope you found this quick review to be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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