Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

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Looking for an all-season resort you can enjoy with the family? Look no further then the beautiful Waterville Valley Resort, set in the always stunning White Mountains of New Hampshire.

We are lovers of NH, it’s not hard to find a reason to get us to head up for a visit. If you have ever set foot in the small but stunning state, you likely are as well. Outdoors Enthusiasts will be hard pressed to be kept away, no matter what the sport(s) or recreational activities of their choice might be.

white mountains

With endless outdoor fun at your fingertips, and natural beauty as unspoiled as you can find without heading way, way out (and you can do that as well if you desire more solitude and untouched nature),  the hardest part of your vacation will be choosing what activities you have time for on this trip- and planning when you can make a return visit.

Everyone needs a comfortable spot to lie their heads at night, and choosing your “home away from home” can be stressful. No matter what the reviews say, it is always a crapshoot- you never really know what you are going to get. Personal experience is always the best, and from my own experience, I can tell you I’ll be heading back to Waterville Valley Resort. It was as advertised, comfortable (ad clean), with amenities and multiple (clean!) restaurants and stores within a stones throw from your room. Forgot something, lose something? Always, right? Not a problem, there is someplace that sells what you need in the resort.  And there’s not price gouging, either, which is both refreshing and oh-so rare. You can even souvenir shop while you meander about.

hiking in new hampshire

Truly a nature lovers paradise, you can enjoy the fall foliage, winter wonderland, spring blooms, and summer splendor all from the mountain valley with a 360 degree views.  The location is truly stunning. As Waterville Valley Resort is nestled deep within the White Mountain National Forest and hosts a wide selection of activities for everyone within it’s grounds. You can always venture off property as well, but if you wanted to stay in one general spot and still be able to see and do, this is a fantastic spot to be in. (Bonus? The staff is amazing. Nice, friendly, accommodating, helpful- honestly. Apparently, they are trained this way. Imagine! Training to put the guests experiences first. What a throwback, and a most welcome one.)

We love hiking, and if you do as well, you are going to be in paradise. There are many trails to choose from, with hundreds of miles that range from easy walking paths to steep ascents. Some popular choices are an leisurely ramble along Corcoran Pond at the center of Town Square, an easy walk through the woods and wildflowers on the valley floor, or a more challenging hike up the 4,315-ft. summit of Mount Osceola, where you will find yourself surrounded by stunning views of the 700,000 acres of the national forest.

There is also mountain biking and trail riding.  You can bring your own or rent a bike from the Adventure Center in Town Square. There is also the (very cool) option of taking the chair lift to the top of Snow’s Mountain and riding your bike down. (This is a hike option as well.) Other options include golf, tennis, swimming, the cultural center, tours, seasonal skiing, skating, and more.

There is also a gym on site, and it’s actually a really good one- high quality and we loved it. Usually when we are away, if there is a gym, it’s small and not anything much. This one had all the equipment you look for and want to use. Your workouts won’t suffer while you are away.

“The White Mountain Athletic Club has an indoor swimming pool, whirlpools, saunas, weight rooms and cardiovascular room. And the Waterville Valley Ice Arena, a popular year-round destination, provides open skating, rentals and lessons for all ages.” (As per Waterville Valley Resort)

The creators of the  Curious George books, H.A. and Margret Rey lived in the area part time in the 1950s. The Rey’s have left their legacy, and many personal items and sketches, at the Margret and H.A Rey Center within the property. The center hosts nature walks, writers workshops, discussion clubs, a monthly lecture series, art shows, and activities for children. We attended both a nature walk where we looked in vain for owls, as well as a discussion about moon cycles given by a NASA volunteer. They also had an arts and crafts portion for children.

There is a lot to see and do in Waterville Valley Resort- and that’s without even leaving the property. The White Mountains area leaves so much to be explored as well.  For more information For more information, call 800GO VALLEY or visit www.visitwatervillevalley.com or e-mail wvrecreation@watervillevalley.org.




  1. Michele Pineda says

    Living in Maine, I have been there to visit and can vouch that it is a beautiful area!

  2. Excellent recommendation, I will travel soon to New Hampshire and this information is very useful to me. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love to walk on their trails, they are so quiet, and the most beautiful, camping and stargazing, is certainly a place full of peace, nice post

  4. Maryann D. says

    Waterville Valley, New Hampshire seems like a wonderful place to visit. I love the peaceful scenery!

  5. Andie Comala says

    I think the only time I went to New Hampshire was back in 2014 to go to the beach. I was a lovely day but I did not get to explore. Maybe some time soon again.

    XO Andie

  6. Kittyslifeblog says

    I love to walk trails with my family… That place sure does look pretty to walk around and explore ????????????…I have visited New Hampshire to view the fall colors ????

  7. Dalene Ekirapa says

    I love just how peaceful the whole environment is. Nature always looks beautiful! I love that trail leading to the resort too. Nature lovers like me would be impressed!

  8. I’ve never visited New Hampshire but I’ve heard great things, The resort looks beautiful and relaxing. Making a mental note for when I visit.

  9. Alexandra Cook says

    What a peaceful spot! I would love to make my way to the northeast again!

  10. It does look very pretty. My husband and I would love to walk all of the trails. It’s very cool that you can also visit the cottage of the Curious George writers.

  11. I love spending time with nature so I make an effort to go to once, (since I live in a city where nature is too far, sadly). Thanks for sharing this!

  12. I’ve been to New Hampshire a few years ago, such a gorgeous state. Will check the Waterville Valley next time i am around for sure. Thanks a lot.

  13. I love the nature here. I would spend a lot of time walking around.

  14. I loooove places like this, it reminds me of the area around Duluth, MN. I’ll definitely have to add this place to my list of places to visit!

  15. I have only been to New Hampshire once. I can’t wait to go back, and I hope that I get a chance to visit this resort

  16. What a beautiful area. I’ve always wanted to go to New Hampshire. One day, I hope. Hiking would be incredible!

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