Summer Pool Floats

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It’s sweltering out there, and with temperatures only rising, you might be seeking out the local pool or lake to cool off. What’s more fun the an interesting float? These are the ones you might see us toting about.

SwimWays Huggables Sloth Oversized Float – Inflatable Lounge with Cupholder

Long name, cute float.  This is a rather unique float, not just for the animal options, but also for the armrests that “hug” you as well as acting as a drink holder. (I mostly left the sunblock in there, though, honestly, works just as well.) Our Sloth moved leisurely along the water, but you can also try out the Teddy Bear or the Panda Bear, all are equally adorable, and definitely attention grabbers and make for super sweet photos and Instagram shots. So many people at the lake came up and asked about it, and lots of kids wanted a go- it was an instant “friend maker” for my son, that’s for certain.

Also fun is that you can actually lean back, and sit upright. That’s pretty unusual in a pool float, most you can only lay on. Sized for adults, not just for kids, this is good for just about anyone. Actual dimensions for those of you who need to worry about sizes for your pool rules: 50 in x 36 in x 40 in. This is intended for ages 5 and up. There are three options, Sloth, Teddy Bear, and Panda. I was unable to find a weight limit, but we personally had no issues, with the heaviest member to try the Sloth being 181 lbs.  You can get these for $15 and up on Amazon.

PoolCandy Jumbo Blue Glitter Narwhal Inflatable Pool Float

 Looking for something a little more magical? How about a glittering Narwhal? As we mentioned back in Febuary’s Toy Fair columns, the narwhal is a trendy fella this year, and  here it is making an appearance in the pool float variety. He’s very cute (or she if you prefer) and easily spotted, with it’s sparkly horn and bright, eye catching holographic glitter. This tube type float lets you ride with your lets on top or underneath, while you paddle or drift along your preferred watering hole. 

The Jumbo Inflatable Narwhal Pool Float from PoolCandy is a 48″ transparent ring or tube that is  filled with rainbow glitter that will dazzle in the sunlight. Again, it’s a real attention grabber, and will be a great photo or post on Instagram. The kids love it, and the adults did as well. You might want to grab more then one to avoid those wonderful “disagreements” that pop up when it comes time to sharing. (Cough cough, parenting is fun.)

For those of you who need to know sizes, it is vinyl and approximately 65″ x 49″ x 37″ and includes a patch kit, just in case. It holds up to 250 pounds.  Available for $30 at

Indoraptor Inflatable Pool Float

What, those are too cute for you? Ok, that’s cool, we get it. Cute isn’t for everyone. Check out the ferocious looking Indoraptor float from Coconut Float. This dino isn’t messing around, and the snarl on it’s face quickly lets you know that.  As with all Coconut Float brand inflatables, it is *made from the highest quality vinyl to avoid punctures (as per the manufacturer).  This float is an officially licensed “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” item, and features realistic graphics and details- the kids will love it. It measures 39″ x 60″, and is fun for kids to sit on top of and ride like a pony. I was not able to find a weight limit for this, but it seems to be a better fit for kids and smaller adults because larger adults seem to get “tippy” with it (meaning it seems to go side to side a little more then you might like). You can find this toy for $35 from and other retailers online, prices vary.

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