Main Mobile Trends That Play A Big Role In-App Innovation

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Mobile tech innovation continues at a break-neck pace. This situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

While an impressive array of potentially life-changing mobile technologies have been unveiled so far, this article will detail those that could play a big role in our future world. Read on, pay with phone credit and tap into some enlightenment.

 Trends that drive mobile tech innovation today

The following in no particular order are the main trends driving mobile tech innovation in the present day:

  •  Living Life The VR Way!- VR is nothing new and has been around in some form for decades. Technological advances have however enabled better finetuning of the VR experience to the point that it is now almost more immersive than real life itself. There are currently lots of VR apps and headsets in place, and these have loads of useful applications, ranging from teaching, gaming, and tourism to all-round entertainment. VR makes it possible to live life to the max, creates a world that is perfectly in tune to user tastes and is a main mobile trend with essentially limitless usefulness.
  •  The Voice MattersVoice recognition is a growing phenomenon whose capabilities are becoming rather impressive lately. At present, it can be found on game consoles, tablets, PCs, TVs, set up boxes and lots more. At present, voice recognition can be used to exercise control over a few mobile apps. This is set to change in the future, with voice recognition being touted as becoming so improved to the extent that just about every app and setting within any mobile device can be controlled by it. This could easily lead to the dawn of a new day.
  • The Tooth Is Blue And Green!– Bluetooth 4.0 promised and delivered what it said on the tin. Bluetooth 5.0 is a much more improved variant that has extra range and extra-low energy levels. This will make it possible to use Bluetooth to reliably control all kinds of devices, from drones to cars and home appliances. And that and more is why Bluetooth 5.0 is a mobile trend that is worth keeping a good eye on!
  • Biometric Integration Advances– A large majority of mobile devices currently have fingerprint sensors. Some support facial recognition, while a few boast facial scanning. As biometric integration further advances and the whole process becomes so secure that it is foolproof and hack-proof, it is bound to see increasing use for things like secure payment and identity management. This will, in turn, make it possible for most organizations, security firms and even government agencies to do away with their current cumbersome security protocols and instead invest in mobile biometrics. Doing this will lead to an impressive cost reduction in services, as well as a performance improvement across the board.
  • AR Cometh!- The potentially limitless capabilities of AR was demonstrated to the public by a game known as Pokemon Go. Once released, this game quickly became more popular than fresh and hot sin and was downloaded and played to the limit by millions of players from all over the world. AR makes it possible to emplace computer-generated imagery on the real world and essentially blurs the line between what is real and what is not. It can be used to create apps that are far more immersive, entertaining and educational than the normal stuff.


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