The 5 Best Shoulder Ice Packs of 2019

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Shoulder pain is never pleasant and can cause many problems in your everyday life from sleep problems and sleep deprivation caused by discomfort, troubles with working with your arms and hands to any other common activity which involves your arms. 

That’s why an ice pack for shoulder pain relief whether it’s caused by an athletic injury, arthritis or you need therapy after surgery, an ice shoulder pack can be highly beneficial and relieve discomfort and shoulder aches. When it comes to choosing the best shoulder pack there are several things you should have in mind. For one a good shoulder ice pack is the on that is going to treat your shoulder aches while being comfortable to wear.

Shoulder pain and other shoulder issues can become a real nightmare so that’s why we have decided to make a review of the 5 best shoulder ice packs you can find online in 2019. 

Thermopeutic Shoulder Ice Wrap

Thermopeutic shoulder ice wrap is specifically designed for shoulders with an easily adjustable fitting that can be tightened with one hand and offers high quality therapeutic cold therapy. It has a lasting cold formula that guarantees that the cold temperature will stay the same and even claim that it will be cool loner that from other competitors which can be quite reassuring considering they offer a lifetime warranty. It’s highly durable, has adjustable compression and has a lightweight neoprene strap that can fit either shoulder. The only cons are probably the size because they are designed for large body frames and they can be used only on shoulders. 

Polar Ice Shoulder Wrap

Polar ice shoulder wrap is an overall great shoulder pack when it comes to quality vs. price standards. It will greatly secure the ice pack to your shoulder and has an extension that can treat even the upper part of your arm. It has good compression but it is mostly recommended for people who don’t suffer from extreme shoulder pain. It has a fleece exterior that is very comfortable to use and is molded in a way that will perfectly treat your body in the right places. 

NatraCure Hot & Cold Compression Shoulder Support

Although the article is focused on ice packs, this one should deserve to be on this list for its many benefits. NatraCure has designed a compression shoulder support that is suitable for both shoulder and the ice pack comes with a removable gel pack that can be used for both hot and cold therapy. It also has a built-in pump which allows you to adjust compression and has an adjustable strap. It is washable and has very soft straps that soothe sore muscles and joints and helps relieve other shoulder aches. It comes in only one size but it can fit chest up to 50 inches. 

McDavid Thermal Shoulder Wrap

McDavid thermal shoulder wrap is one of the most comfortable wraps on the market considering the fact that they make their wraps from 100% high-quality neoprene which perfectly fits the body provides great compression and will keep cool all of the target areas. It’s also great for everyday use as it provides full arm movement. It is suitable for both shoulders and will fit perfectly on each. This wrap is mostly recommended to athletes recovering from a recent injury but is also suitable for individuals who have had a mild injury. 

Koo-Care Gel Ice Pak & Wrap

Koo-Care gel ice pack & wrap is very flexible and is made from polyester and is essentially a multipurpose wrap that has a nylon pouch which is also multipurpose. The nylon pouch is filled with a non-toxic gel that can be either frozen or placed in a microwave for either hot or cold therapy. It has two long elastic bands that hold the wrap secure which can extend the length of the wrap. It is very flexible as it doesn’t harden when cold so it can mold into different areas of your body. An overall fantastic product that can be used to treat different areas of the body with both hot & cold therapy that is highly durable. 


All of the products listed above have several key elements to them like adjustable straps, compression, hot&cold therapy options and are generally not very pricy. When picking a good shoulder ice pack it is important to pay attention to its detail and make sure that they are going to have to right compression which will help you relieve pain help you with recovery and that will target critical areas. Before you decide anything weigh down your options and see for yourself what’s going to work the best for you. 


Hopefully, this information has been useful to you and that these reviews have given you an overall picture of what to expect, what to look for and what to pay attention when investing in a shoulder ice wrap, pack or sleeve. Just remember that although icing will help you with aches, pain, swelling, etc. it’s even more important to rest! 

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