The best quality-price mattresses of 2019: comparison and guide

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Choosing duvet covers online is not something that can be taken lightly. If you want to rest and take care of the health of your back, you can not only look at the price but also have to make sure that its properties fit with your way of sleeping.

Kama Haus VIsco Graphene Mattress

This mattress provides adaptability to any posture, due to its high-end materials. It is recommended for both thin and thick person. It is composed of 8 cm. Visco graphene means that its manufacture includes carbon that provides excellent benefits such as:

  •     Antibacterial barrier thanks to this compound bacteria do not accumulate, disappear.
  •     It is breathable since it evacuates all the moisture that the body gives off during sleep.
  •     It can regulate body heat.

Marcapiuma – Seven life 18 latex mattresses

These mattresses are made with the wise collection and processing of the rubber tree. It is considered to be one of the best mattresses to help the comfort of the back, made with a durable and natural material.

This mattress is of the highest quality recommended as an orthopedic mattress, provided with a double antibacterial cavity layer, is ergonomic for body adaptability and correct column position.

  •           It is covered by 100% cotton elastic lining makes it softer to the touch directed for those cold people.
  •           The coating has Aloe Vera compound that will eliminate bad odours due to sweat; it is completely removable, you can wash it as many times as necessary.
  •           The company uses quality materials endorsed by Oeko-Tex, EuroLatex, LGA Quality, Oeko-Tex standard 100 classes 1, and ISO 9001 n. 16333Q, this type of mattress is also recommended for newborns.
  •       Mattress financing near me option is available for this type of mattress

KAMA HAUS Viscoelastic Youth Mattress Roll

This mattress has excellent opinions of people who bought for their children; its mode of manufacture using foaming makes the mattress adaptable to the movement.

Another benefit of this mattress is that you do not need to be worry because of the best composition of the materials. Most doctors recommend Viscoelastic mattresses because it has a medium firmness and is perfect for children.

The durability of this element is indisputable because of its purely synthetic fibres.

  •           Ergo-Foam: this core is of unique material for rest since it is the adaptability layer that provides ergonomics when sleeping.
  •           Its Viscoelastic Premium layer is named as it has an open pore structure where breathability is optimal by the aeration process.
  •           It has a 3D mesh that improves the ergonomics of the person, as it provides comfort for the current release of air that is created with the core plus the body of the mattress giving a feeling of freshness and avoiding bacteria in the long run.
  •           This mattress has high-quality antiallergic fibres developed to maintain and dry internal moisture. 
  •           Soft-Foam: this layer is the one that gives softness and relieves the feeling of tiredness; it is manufactured with a cellular structure so that better perspiration.



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