Teaching Peace to Children through Cartoons

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The world can be quite chaotic, and as you raise your children, you want what’s best for them. As you teach and instill values that will help them as they grow and years to come, you can use all the available means. Peace is among such values, a concept that education helps to achieve. While thinking about education for peace, however, it doesn’t fall in the constraints of a classroom. The four walls are quite effective, but some topics might be hard for teachers to teach in a classroom without support from the environment. TV time, for instance, can be used to enhance your child’s peace education through cartoons.

Cartoons are fun, and kids learn better when they are having fun. Those giggles are not the only thing your children take away from their TV time, as they also take the values they see in their favorite characters and emulate them. Teaching peace to children through cartoons, therefore, is among the most effective approach and for good reasons. Among the top reasons to use cartoons for peace education includes;

Easily relatable

Children relate better to the likable and iconic cartoon characters. This means that they can easily trust the message such characters communicate, and emulating what cartoon characters display is, therefore, more natural for your children. With a cartoon that promotes peaceful behaviors throughout the episodes, you can conveniently teach such values to your child without affecting their entertainment.

Cartoons are engaging

A child’s concentration span is quite short, and with a boring approach, such span is even shorter and unproductive. Cartoon characters are fun, and with their innovative plots, you can keep your child engaged for an extended period. This sort of infotainment is an ingenious way to help your child learn more within a short span, and as they continuously enjoy the cartoons, experience and gain more insights that help them develop practical life skills

A multi-tool solution

Teaching peace can be quite complicated. It’s not only about being your brothers’ keeper as it entails a lot more to communicate and instill values that enhance peaceful living effectively. Teaching essential socio-emotional skills requires a more vivid approach to help your child learn how to handle adversities and conflicts without losing sight of what is important. Through cartoons’ plots, such skills are easily communicated as the children see how their favorite characters navigate their lives. By interacting with their family and friends, not to mention the cultural diversity and how to embrace it, as is seen in shows such as Maya & Miguel, kids can learn a lot while having fun.

In the modern era, where technology seems to take over every life element, you can get the most out of your child’s entertainment by creating an engaging learning environment. Utilizing what your child already loves in your quest to instill valuable social skills that are vital in navigating their lives is quite effective. While choosing cartoons, however, keep your kid’s age in mind since their curiosity levels vary, requiring certain exposure to ensure you are delivering the right insights.

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