Trending Tile Suggestions For Your Bathroom

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Whether creating a new bathroom from scratch or renovating one, choosing bathroom tiles is one of the most confusing decisions. Why confusing? Because there is a wide variety of bathroom tiles available in the market. And to check which tile is perfect for you is very demanding. Luckily, we can make your search easy. Here are a few suggestions for bathroom tiles: 

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are well-known for their durability and low maintenance. These tiles are long-lasting and are easy to clean. The reason why ceramic tiles last long is their resistance to stain. Stains cause the birth of alkalies and bacterias on the tiles’ surface, decreasing their strength and beauty.


Another good “why” to choose ceramic tiles in your bathroom is their scratch-resistant feature. The hardness of these tiles is around 6-7 on the Mohs scale. This means even hard and rough materials with sharp edges can not leave scratches on them. Ceramic tiles are also fireproof. They can bear heat upto 1900 C, making them an excellent tile option if you have a hot spa in your bathroom. Following are a few ceramic tiles that are in the limelight nowadays:



  • Tawny Brown Random Bricks Ceramic Tile
  • Arabian Crackled Aqua
  • Jubilee Irresistible Ivory
  • Jubilee Silver Moon
  • Princeton Glaze Victorian Pewter Grey
  • Cabin Log Brown


Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are the favorite choice of so many people. These tiles give a seamless look to the bathroom. The best part is- they are budget-friendly and easy to use. About the history of subway tiles, it was first seen in 1904 in the subway system of New York. These tiles were designed by architects George C. Heins and Christopher Grant la Farge. There’s an interesting short story about how these tiles originated. 


The two architects created the designs for the subway system in 1904 when they came up with this interesting tile pattern. They were told to cover the whole subway in such a way that it looks classic and attractive, yet simple. And that’s when they discovered subway tiles(white color). From that day till now, subway tiles are the first choice of many as shower tiles.

There’s a big assumption about subway tiles- that they are only available in white color. But it’s not true. Subway tiles are available in almost all color variants, whether it is black or light green. Nowadays, some of the popular subway tile color options are-



  • Rose Pale Pink
  • Light Grey
  • Smoke Grey 
  • Denim Blue
  • Dark Teal Green
  • Jubilee Cream Puff
  • Jubilee Onyx Black
  • Lustrous Yale Blue
  • Princeton Glaze Victorian Pewter Grey
  • Princeton Glaze Nero Night Black


Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are perfect for making your bathroom look classic yet luxurious. These tiles are famous for their illusionary appearance. If you have a small bathroom and wish to make it look bigger, metal tiles are the best choice. Also, these tiles reflect light and hence work well in the bathrooms with low light. Here are a few metal tiles that you can consider adding to your list:



  • 3D Penny Round Stainless Steel Tile
  • Urban Jungle Truffle Corner Rose Gold
  • Aluminum Grey Leaf Brushed Tile
  • Arabesque Stainless Steel Metal Tile
  • Brushed Aluminum Random Brick Tile
  • Antonyms Hexagon Aluminum Tile


Final Words

So these were a few expert’s suggested bathroom tiles to shop. All of the above tiles are budget-friendly and will make your bathroom look attractive and beautiful. Do tell us which out of the above tiles you choose in the comment section below.


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