3 Ways You Can Improve Your Confidence Today

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Your confidence has likely been through ups and downs in your life. Nobody is confident all the time; life knocks us down sometimes, either physically or mentally, and we have to do the work of climbing back up. Even people who appear to be confident all the time struggle with their self esteem behind closed doors.

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If possible, you should see if you can figure out what the root cause of your confidence issues is. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but there might be a concrete reason while you’re struggling. For example, if you were recently injured, then the change in your lifestyle and circumstances might have knocked your confidence.

The upside with finding a reason is that you can do something about it. For example, if your injury is because of an accident at work, then a workers compensation lawyer might be able to help you to get compensation. It won’t solve everything, but it does help. However, sometimes you can’t find one single cause for your low confidence. The good news is that you can still do something about it.

If you are experiencing a downturn in your confidence, it’s time to start making changes. While there’s no quick-fix to a period of low self esteem, the following tips can help strengthen your resolve and make baby steps towards confidence progress.

Make the changes you’ve been wanting to make for a while.

If you have wanted to make changes to your life for a while, and they are weighing on your mind and affecting your confidence, there is no time like the present. You could have been putting off a big shift because the idea of it is just too scary.

Whether this is a small change, such as getting invisible braces or dying your hair; or larger changes, such as leaving an unhappy relationship or moving house; you deserve to have a life you love. Making changes is never easy, but the trade-up for these scary moments is getting a life you actually want to live. 

‘Fake it til you make it’ with your body confidence.

Body confidence is one of those lifelong challenges that never stops being tricky. Sometimes, the best policy is to fake it til you make it. Ask yourself, ‘What would I wear today if I loved my body?’ then wear the outfit. Ask yourself, ‘What would I do today if I weren’t self conscious about my body?’ then do that activity. Try to act like you love your body, even if, right now, you don’t. You’d be amazed at how much this mindset can help actually shift how you feel about your body in the long term. 

Seek guidance to figure out the cause of your self esteem problems.

If you have been struggling with your confidence for a long time, perhaps this is a sign you need more professional help. Counselling and psychotherapy have been instrumental in changing so many people’s lives, and you could be one of them.

Speaking to a professional about your deepest, darkest fears is tough. It’s not easy to open yourself up to a total stranger, even in a safe environment. But digging deep and realizing that you deserve to have a wonderful, shame-free life might be the motivation you need to start this scary, but worthwhile journey. 

Searching for a therapist can be tricky; there are different types of therapy that all have specific price tags and requirements. Speak with your doctor to find the best type of therapy for what you are going through.

Final thoughts…

Feeling like you lack confidence? Use this guide to help you out. You deserve to feel great about yourself, but sometimes you need to take a journey before you reach that place. 



  1. Seeking guidance is an important step to boost self confidence, Samantha. Coaches and good friends can often ID blind spots our ego builds, to preserve itself.



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