Gone but Not Forgotten: 10 Ways to Remember Deceased Loved Ones

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When a loved one like a family member or close friend dies, people worry about losing the memories they have of those that have passed away. As time goes on, it can often get too easy to get caught up with other things in life, and past memories begin to fade.

That’s why it can be helpful to find ways to help have permanent reminders of the fun and happy times you’ve experienced with dearly departed people in your life. With that in mind, take a look at the following suggestions for your consideration:

1. Photo Montage

You will likely have many photographs of your loved one, some of which will undoubtedly include you and others closest to you. The great thing about photos is that you can reproduce them in many different formats and use them to your advantage.

How? By creating a photo montage. For example, you could buy or make a multi-photo picture frame that can take pride of place on your living room wall, and you could populate it with many photos of your dearly departed loved one.

2. Memorial Jewelry

Everyone deals with grief in their own unique ways; there’s no right or wrong way to deal with the passing of a loved one. Most people will agree that they’d like to remember those they’ve lost, and one way is with memorial jewelry.

For example, memorial jewelry from memorials.com lets you create keepsakes like rings and necklaces that you can always wear to remind you of the people you love that are no longer with you. They can help the wearers feel like those they’ve lost are with them all the time.

3. Create a Memory Box

In a nutshell, a memory box is a simple box that contains items related to the person who has died. The box could be a one-off creation made from wood or a simple cardboard box. The point isn’t about the box’s construction but more about what it contains.

You could put things like photographs, jewelry, letters and notes, and even small gifts and keepsakes. Anything notable that you’d like to remind you of your loved one that can fit in the box is likely something you’ll want to keep.

4. Plant a Tree in Their Name

There’s something poignant about planting a tree in honor of someone that has died. Trees can be very symbolic; they prove that when a person dies, it doesn’t mean that their memory goes with them.

Planting a tree in a deceased person’s name is an excellent way to memorialize the passing of a loved one. Take a look at thetreesremember.com for some inspiration, or consider planting a tree yourself in your private land.

5. Start a Charity in Their Honor

Did the person in your life die of a particular illness or condition that robbed them of their golden years? If so, one suggestion to consider is starting a charity in their honor. Many people do this to help raise awareness of such illnesses and fundraise to find cures.

The charity you launch could even provide help and support for other people going through the same circumstances. It’s certainly a practical way to help keep alive the memory of your family member or friend while helping others.

6. Make Something From Their Old Clothes

If you’re handy with a sewing machine and have a creative eye, and you’ve yet to do something with your loved one’s old clothing, you could repurpose some of their garments. For instance, you could create cushions, a quilt, or even a plush toy.

It can feel hugely fulfilling, and whenever you look at the finished items, you’ll always get reminded of the person that’s no longer with you. The items you make could even get passed onto other family members like children.

7. Cook a Meal That They’ve Loved

There’s no denying that everyone has individual preferences for the food they eat. Was there a favorite meal or snack that the dearly departed person in your life enjoyed? Relive the times you ate with them by cooking a meal that they loved.

It can be an absolute comfort to help you grieve for your loss, and it can put a smile on your face knowing that you’re sharing a meal they enjoyed when they were alive. Plus, it can even help boost your culinary skills to share with other family members and friends!

8. Speak to People That Knew Your Loved One

Everyone has an abundance of stories about people they know, especially those closest to them in life. With that in mind, you could contact the people that knew your loved one and share your favorite stories and memories with them.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you could make video calls with those people, which is helpful if they live far away or in other countries, for example. Internet software like Zoom is a free and easy way to make that happen.

9. Restore Something They Loved

Was the deceased someone that enjoyed classic cars? Perhaps they had other hobbies, such as furniture making or electronics? If they had such a hobby, they’d likely have left behind some items to do with those hobbies.

Take the opportunity to restore something they loved when they were alive and do so in their honor. For instance, you could fix their favorite classic car or have a particular machine or piece of equipment made as good as new.

10. Write Them Some Letters

Last but not least, some people find it helpful to pen handwritten letters to their deceased loved ones. It’s a concept similar to having a diary; you note down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but they are for your eyes only.

In this case, though, you’d address your loved one directly in your letters. It can be an excellent way to help you make sense of how you feel and help you to grieve.

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