Healthy Habits to Keep Up in the Holiday Season

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The holidays are the perfect time to indulge and maybe not stick to your usual healthy habits. But, even though you might be eating more desserts and skipping a couple of days at the gym, it’s still important to try to make some healthy choices during the holidays. If you suddenly throw all of your healthy lifestyle habits out the window, it can be hard to get back into them once the holidays are over. Plus, you can find that you run out of steam halfway through the holidays and you suddenly feel very sluggish and rundown. If you want to stay somewhat healthy during the holidays, here are some habits to keep up.

Keep Your Diet Balanced  

There are lots of tasty treats floating around in the holidays, and it’s expected that you’re going to indulge a bit more than normal. There’s no need to deny yourself all of your favorite things, but it is a good idea to try and keep your diet balanced. So, even as you reach for the cookies, make sure you’re also balancing it out with plenty of vegetables. Be sure to get all of your essential nutrients, have plenty of fiber in your diet, and try to control your portions too.

Get Outdoors

Even if you’re active normally, the holidays can feel like a free pass to be a bit more sedentary. You might not keep up your usual workout schedule, but it’s still a good idea to try and be somewhat active even during the holidays. Suddenly not doing anything active could affect not just your physical health but your mental health too. It might be cold outdoors, but getting outside for a walk or bike ride can be the ideal way to work off all the food you’ve been eating. If you’re feeling full after Christmas lunch, a brisk walk could perk you up again.

Control Your Alcohol Consumption

The alcohol is usually flowing during the holidays, and it can be tempting to accept any drink that’s put into your hand. But you’re not obligated to drink through the holidays, and it could make your experience much less pleasant. If you struggle to turn down a drink, you can find resources like that can help you. If the holidays stress you out, there are better ways to unwind than to keep drinking.

Take Some Time to Yourself

Being around a lot of people during the holidays can be exhausting, especially for introverts. If you’re getting tired of socializing, make sure you take time for yourself. Everyone deserves some time to relax and have some time alone, even if it’s just half an hour or so. It can be your time to take a nap, read a book, listen to some music or do some yoga. Try to carve out some time just for you at some point during the holidays.

Keep up these healthy habits during the holidays and you’ll feel healthy and happier in the festive period.

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