Think Outside the Gift Box With These Original and Thoughtful Present Ideas

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If you are sick of buying candles, socks, and plastic toys that the kids lay with once and then never touch again, this post is for you. Yes, that’s right you can buy gifts this year that are original, and considerate if you think outside the box, or just keep reading for our suggestions below. 


Create something original 


Having an original item made so you can give it as a gift might sound super fancy. Yet, some services create things like custom scarves relatively cheaply these days. You can even use your own image on a photo to be printed on the scarf! 


Of course, the great thing about this is that you can create an original item that the recipient definitely won’t already have. You can also make it as sentimental as you like, by carefully choosing the photo you use. A clever suggestion here is to use a photo of a favorite place, vacation, or even of all the family at Christmastime to create a unique gift that is bound to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. 


Give a gift with purpose 


Another great ‘outside of gift box option’ is to choose to give a gift with purpose, that does some good in the world. This often means donating to a charity or organization in the recipient’s name. The fun thing about doing this is that many charities now offer gift packs with certificates, information about their cause, and sometimes even a soft toy which means the recipient will still get something to open Christmas morning, as well as helping out a good cause or those less fortunate than themselves. 


Gift an experience rather than an item 


With decluttering becoming a trend, it only goes to show that we all have too much stuff already. That is why, if you want to think outside of the box this Christmas, an experience might be a better gift.

Of course, there are many to choose from including spa days, car racing, flying, and even parachuting for the adrenaline junkies. Although, do remember you don’t have to only use gift experience services. Instead, some movie tickets and microwave popcorn can work just as well. 


Handmade gifts for the win 


Last of all,  instead of heading to your local store to get something generically Christmas, like bubble bath or a box of chocolates that are likely to get lost in the hubbub of the festive season, why not make your gift? It doesn’t have to be something super complicated or involved either, as no one is going to expect you to hand carve a rocking horse if you have never picked up a chisel in your life. 


Instead, why not hand make a sweet treat like cookies, or cakes, and deliver them in a festive-themed box or container? You could even cut out the actual baking if you’d rather and give people Kilner jars full of the ingredients they need to bake their own! It’s easy, fun, and so much more meaningful! 


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