Einova Mundus Pro UV-C Disinfectant

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With the Covid crisis going on, hygiene and cleanliness has never been more important or brought to the attention so often. Lysol, bleach, alcohol, and other cleaning supplies were completely depleted from shelves in the beginning of the pandemic, and remain items that are scarce at times. People were frightened, and rightly so.


We all had to sanitize everything- every doorknob, backpack, remote, phone- you name it.

Even though the COVID vaccine and boosters are currently being distributed, which means people are now more likely to get out of the house and return to their normal activities including going to the gym, shopping, traveling, and enjoying a night out on the town. It’s not uncommon to set your phone, keys or even mask on a dirty surface like shopping carts, counters, or gym equipment without thinking twice. Save your Lysol wipes and use the Einova Mundus Pro UV-C Disinfectant and Wireless Charging Accessories Tray to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on high-touch items in as little as four minutes. The Mundus Pro also features two wireless charging spots on the top of the case to quickly recharge phones and other compatible devices.

My youngest son and I use it the most, I think. I’m a bit of a clean freak- I’m not worried if kids or dogs make a mess, I know that’s what they do. Cleaning is possible, LOL. It’s the germs that worry me, as I’ve got a compromised immune system and he has pretty bad asthma. We use air filters, we clean all the “touch” surfaces, etc constantly (pre covid, too, haha).  But now? Oh man, it seems like it never stops. Now, I know that some people didn’t feel the need to worry at all, and that’s all them and their own business. These are my own thoughts and feelings, everyone is entitled to their own. I DO worry, and continue to wear my mask, sanitize a little more than usual, and that’s just my prerogative. Hopefully soon, this will be over entirely, but until then….I think some things will linger, however. Fist bumps might take over hand shakes for some people, I’ll probably always carry a mask, and the cleanliness will likely stay up a notch.

If you are like us, and want everything as clean as possible, you might want to check into the Einova Mundus Pro UV-C Disinfectant, it makes things so easy to clean and you KNOW they are sanitized. I hope you and your family are staying safe, no matter how you are getting through this.

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