5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an International Mover

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Moving to another country is a whole new experience. You go through different feelings from the surge of excitement, fear of facing the unexpected, sorrow of leaving your land, and tingling sensation of confusion. Amidst this turbulent emotional condition, you also have to deal with the headache of moving your household items.


Unless you are thinking of abandoning your old items and buying new stuff in the new place (it can be a blow to your budget, by the way!), you need to find ways to move your stuff. First you have to decide what you will need the most and can’t leave behind. Then comes the most difficult part. From packing items carefully, loading them, arranging shipment, and unloading, to setting them, moving your stuff to another country is not an easy feat. That’s where an international moving company can help you. Like, if you are moving to India from the USA, they will take care of all your moving hassle. However, finding the best moving company is another struggle.


You can’t afford to let a poor or fake moving company handle your precious items. Their carelessness might damage, wear and tear, or misplace your belongings. With so many options in the market, it is not hard to encounter fraudulents. So, it is better to be careful.


Here are a few things to consider before hiring a moving company to ensure you pick the right ones.


  1. No Ambiguity in Quoting


One thing you should remember, moving your items to another country is a pricey deal. Besides paying for the services of the company, you also have to bear the price of international shipping. You should awake your senses to ensure you are given a transparent shipping quote. You should know what is included in the quote and what is not. Also, ask about the hidden charges that might be slapped in the host country.

It is better to know the nitty-gritty of the shipping cost instead of getting shocked after receiving more than the estimated bill.


Go with Experienced Movers Only


No matter how much ‘best’ the company claims itself or how many crew members it has, if they are not experienced, nothing matters. Moving internationally is different from moving within cities of the same country. It requires a lot of experience and careful handling. So, make sure your selected movers have dealt with international moving for years and they know the ins and outs of the process to give you a seamless experience. Failing to hire experienced movers can be a very sore and costly decision for you.


Focus on the Quality not Price


Ever heard of the saying that you get what you pay for? This saying stands true here. Instead of focusing on hiring cheap moving companies to save a few bucks, pay attention to quality. Low quotes might seem tempting to fall for but they become more costly in the end when you have to pay more due to damages or in the form of hidden dues.

Don’t let your desire to save your money end you up in a poor condition when things go out of hand. Don’t hesitate to pay a bit more if it gives you an opportunity to hire better services and get a hassle-free experience.


High Level of Transparency


One of the biggest indicators of a good company is that they follow a high level of transparency. They don’t try to be extra smart and create loopholes to take advantage. For example, trying to take signatures on a blank contract. Make sure that everything is in writing, written in detail. 

From quotes, extra fees, important dates to your belongings, everything should be listed clearly to avoid any confusion or fraud. Obviously, you can’t file a claim for a missing item if it wasn’t listed in the contract. No proof, no claim! It is as simple as that!


Check Online Reviews


If you are not satisfied with the moving company, online reviews can be helpful. People like to leave reviews regarding their experience with a company or service. So, you can check ratings and read comments to find out the quality of their services or if they provide satisfactory services. Obviously, poor ratings and reviews are red flags that you should look for another option. Don’t avoid these reviews and learn from others’ experiences.

Now you know what to consider while hiring an international moving company ro make a safe and sound move. There are so many options, so falling for a scam is not difficult. But if you choose the moving company carefully, you can save yourself from any unhappy incident and begin the expat life with a happy beginning. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your company hiring hunt now and find the right fighter for the best experience.

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