The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Children Excited About Camping

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A family outing to go camping is just one of those natural events that every child (and family) absolutely should experience! Getting to be one with nature and learning all about the ecosystem is simply marvelous. But, what if this is something your little one has no interest in whatsoever? Are you wanting to have a camping trip come up? Camping is a great way for children to learn independence and independence is one of the most important skills they will need in life.

camping with kids

The best way to get your children excited about camping is by getting them involved in the process from the beginning and making it a family activity that all the members can enjoy together. It is not easy to get children excited about camping. In fact, a lot of parents struggle to get their children excited about camping. But here is everything you’ll need to know about getting your little one excited for it!

How Do You Prepare For A Camping Trip With Your Kids?

Preparing for a camping trip with kids is a lot of work. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have everything you need and that your kids are prepared as well. These are some packing tips that you may find handy for the whole family.

-Pack light and in layers – It will help you pack faster and more efficiently.

-Wear layers that can be removed if the weather changes drastically.

-Pack one outfit per day – This will help save space in your bag, but also allow you to change clothes easily when needed.

-Bring your own food – This is important for many reasons. It prevents food waste, helps avoid the risk of getting sick from eating bad food, and helps save money on expensive meals at campgrounds or restaurants. Preferably canned foods (with a can opener), trail mix, plenty of water, and something with electrolytes.

-Bug repellant- mosquitos and ticks can be annoying.

-First aid kit- you must always bring this when camping, or even just hiking.

Overall, just packing the right things will make the experience go a lot better which will definitely help your child enjoy the hiking trip.

How Do You Pick Out the Perfect Camping Gear For Your Child?

When you are in the market for a new camping gear list, it can be difficult to figure out what items your child needs. First, you should decide whether or not you will be going on an overnight trip. If so, then you need to think about how long it will last and what type of climate your child will be experiencing. Next, decide if your child is going to be camping by themselves or with other children. If they are going to be camping by themselves then they need their own sleeping bag and tent. You can always ask the camping experts about this because knowing what to pack, especially for children can be tricky.

You might also want to consider buying a few extra things like a compass and first aid kit. If they are going with other children then they should have their own sleeping bags and tents as well as one extra tent for each group of children in order to accommodate. Of course, all of this depends on whether you’re going on a family trip, or if this is a camping trip for school, club, or something like Scouts.

What Kinds of Activities Should You Do During A Family-Friendly Backpacking Trip?

One of the best ways to have an amazing family-friendly backpacking trip is to plan activities that keep it fun but educational. This doesn’t instantly need to make it boring just because it’s educational. Here are some suggested activities that you can do during your backpacking and/or camping trip:

  1. Bird watching, don’t forget the binoculars
  2. Activities involving water such as fishing, swimming, or kayaking
  3. Learn about the local wildlife
  4. Go hiking and see scenic views

The entire point of going out camping is just to be out in nature and to just enjoy the experience, so, this is something that can easily be achieved. But it also doesn’t hurt to communicate with your kid and just simply ask them what they’re after for this camping experience.

As parents, of course, you’re wanting to give our children the best time possible and prepare them for the adventure of a lifetime. But what does that mean? Just let them make some of their own decisions for camping. If you force it, there is less of a chance that they will enjoy it. 



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