4 Refreshing Ways to Keep Your Kids Comfortable This Summer

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Everyone loves the carefree atmosphere and endless sunshine of the summer, especially your kids. They want to make the most of their time off school and spend as much as possible outdoors, soaking up the sun and running around with friends. But, as fun as summer is, there are also some dangers. The heat can cause problems for your child and make them uncomfortable or even ill. You don’t want this to happen, so here are four refreshing ways to keep your kids comfortable this summer. 

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Keep The House Cool 

A muggy, humid home is no place to be during the summer. However, kids can’t spend all their time outside, especially if it’s too wet or dangerous to play. Even if they are inside, there are plenty of things to do to keep them entertained, but you must make sure the house is cool enough for everyone to feel comfortable. 

Opening the windows allows the air to circulate and will cool down the house, and you can enhance this with fans in the living room or bedroom. It’s also worth looking at AC repair before the summer season begins to make sure it works perfectly so you can flood your house with fresh and cool air. 

Keep Them Safe From the Sun 

When your kids finally get outside, you can expect them to run around without a care in the world. This is all good for helping them burn off energy, but it comes with hazards, too. Too much sun exposure can cause heat exhaustion and sunburn, which is not a pleasant experience no matter how old you are. 

Every parent should have a healthy supply of sunscreen and hats as well as shaded areas in the garden to give the kids some respite from the sun. 

Give Them Plenty to Drink 

You cannot underestimate the power of summer hydration for kids, especially as younger children don’t know their limits. Things can quickly take a turn for the worse if they don’t drink enough water, as they might suffer from headaches and feel lethargic. 

Make sure you supply them (and any other neighborhood kids) with plenty of cold water, popsicles, and a place to dunk their heads if they are going to spend all day outside. 

Avoid Peak Heat Hours 

As tempting as it is to spend all day outside, you can protect your kids and make sure they are comfortable by avoiding peak hours. These hours are the time of the day when the sun is highest and the temperatures are as hot as they are going to be. 

Peak hours and temperatures vary depending on where you live, but many people consider July the hottest time of the year for most places across the country. If you can keep your kids out of the sun at noon and beyond, you can minimize the discomfort they will experience from getting too excited. 


Everyone deserves to enjoy as much of their summer as possible. If you have kids who love to be outside, whether playing in the neighborhood or on vacation, these tips guarantee a summer full of fun and laughter while still being safe and comfortable. 

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