Things You Didn’t Know Add Value to Your Home

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You will always be looking for ways to add value to your home when you place it on the market. And it can be challenging to know how to do this. Yet often, it’s actually pretty simple, and in some cases, you don’t even have to lift a finger. Here are a few for a better asking price.

How Your Home Looks

When you are placing your home on the market, its appearance is vitally important. Many prospective buyers will make an instant snap judgment based solely on the property’s appearance. Since they cannot see the inside without a viewing, the exterior of your house is the first thing they will see. Therefore, you can’t ignore the things that make a home look more appealing. These include the quality of the roof (find out more), landscaping, and exterior features like paint, windows, and doors. A well-kept lawn also adds some value to your price.

Local Shopping Will Add Value to Your Home

Even though we live in a world with far too many cars, people still like to be close to shopping facilities. So if your home is near things like shopping malls, supermarkets, and retail parks, you can command a higher asking price. Especially if they are within walking distance, and your home is not next to the main traffic routes, i.e., a buyer gets the advantages with none of the noise and pollution. And naturally, the more amenities there are nearby, the more you can potentially get. Just be sure to give your agent a comprehensive list to include in the brochure.

Trees and Foliage

Nature plays a large role in the price of your home. Tress, plants, and foliage automatically increase the value of your home. And you don’t even have to do anything apart from trimming the hedges for curb appeal. People love nature and will pay more for it, especially in their own homes in urban areas. And the trees don’t even have to be on your property either. Street trees are a major attraction. However, it helps if any greenery is on the property owners can do as they wish with them. Herb gardens and vegetable patches are also a major attraction.

The Road or Street Name

Surprisingly, the name of the road upon which your property is situated can affect the price by as much as a 5% increase. Generic sounding roads don’t do much for your potential. However, upper-class sounding road names can tweak the price a little. For instance, “something road” or “something street” isn’t too exciting. But “green valley brow” has a certain ring to it that makes it more appealing. Additionally, studies have found that people will pay more for houses with officially-registered names and a matching name plate attached. Posh is a trending factor today.

Simple DIY Jobs Can Increase Value

The outside of your home is one thing. But the interior is a whole other subject. There’s so much inside a house that it can become overwhelming to stay on top of things. Especially in older properties. But here are some minor DIY jobs that can add value to your asking price:

  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs.
  • Fixing creaking floorboards.
  • Bathroom and kitchen mold removal.
  • Paintwork touch-ups.
  • Keeping the house clean and tidy.

Of course, there are far more jobs you could do, such as fixing a dripping tap or replacing degraded door handles. The trick is to make your home appear like it needs as little maintenance as possible. As a result, you are also more likely to secure a quick sale.

The Garage and Front Door

Your home’s front door is much more than a simple portal. A reliable front door is made from reliable materials, has a strong lock for deterring burglars, and is energy efficient. So making an investment in a door upgrade gives a prospective buyer peace of mind. As a result, you can add some value to your asking price. The more reliable the front door is, the more you can ask. No one will pay more for a weak composite door that a child could break into. Additionally, energy bills will be higher if you have a front door made from cheap materials with no insulation.

Off-Street Parking

There are too many cars on the road today. And it’s getting worse. However, cars are seen as a modern necessity. However, because of the increase, parking is becoming something of a nightmare, especially on older roads and streets that were built when no one had a car. Simply put, they weren’t designed to accommodate oversized SUVs, RVs, and luxury sedans. Additionally, you might have to pay for the privilege of parking outside your own home in some places. Therefore, a property with off-street parking is worth far more to a buyer. 

Add Value to Your Home by Going Green

The green movement is happening whether you agree with it or not. New properties are being built to green standards as outlined by new regulations in many countries. Eco-friendly homes use energy and water in inventive ways, reducing the waste and costs associated with each. So they’re more appealing to a buyer. You can capitalize on buyer expectations by making your home a greener place. Some initial investment is required. Yet solar panels alone can reduce electricity bills by as much as 25%. Any green investment adds instant value to your house.

Smart Technology

Smart tech isn’t anything new. However, it was once only accessible to the wealthy. Today, smart technology is affordable to almost everyone thanks to leaps in ease of use due to smartphones and production costs. Because of this, smart tech is becoming an expected aspect of a home on the market. And it’s asked for by clients while being incorporated into new builds. From simple voice-controlled LED lighting to complex control systems throughout, any kind of smart technology can be installed relatively cheaply and can add up to 20% value.


The list of ways to add value to your home is never-ending. But some unexpected things increase your asking price, many of which require no work on your part. For example, local shopping, the street name, and off-street parking command a better asking price.


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