Upgrades To Do On Your Apartment Next

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Cheap landlords enjoy doing the least by painting everything white, adding sconces from a funeral parlor, and putting in cabinet hardware that comes off after a few uses. While being a tenant can make you feel helpless, there is hope in renter-friendly repairs, from temporary flooring to shrewd advice on upgrading cheap lightswitch plates.

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Because people believe it will take too much time, and money, that they won’t see a return on their investment, or that the home is only temporary, many individuals don’t take the time to actually make their rental look the way they want to make them feel happy and calm. But what’s this? That’s all untrue! There are numerous ways to incorporate unique touches to genuinely make a space feel like your own. There are numerous ways to make your apartment appear more costly and less transient, and they don’t necessarily involve spending a lot of money or time.

The greatest faux-wood wainscoting and panels 

We can try, but we can’t all live in a redwood and glass bachelor apartment from Laurel Canyon circa 1978. Despite being designed for temporary installation, this reclaimed-wood paneling has a five-star rating on Wayfair and will give your home the appearance of being extremely lived in redwood cabins.

There are also several conventional white wainscoting sets that can decorate a large, empty wall without making it appear cluttered if your aesthetic is a little more pared-down 1920s townhouse meets minimalist Parisian apartment.

Combine lighting 

Let’s face it, apartment illumination is frequently unsatisfactory. Replace your fluorescent bulbs with softer-toned ones to start. Warm (yellowish) to cool (blueish) tones are the two main types of light bulbs, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Although I like warmer bulbs, each home is unique. Layering your illumination is a good idea after changing your lightbulbs. When you layer lighting, you use more than one source of light in a space rather than simply your usual overhead lighting. Most apartments already have you covered with ambient lighting—the overall, central lighting for the room, usually from a ceiling light. Floor lamps are also good for adding another large light source.

Open up to the outside 

Plants bring tenderness to a space that is difficult to replicate with other decor. Plants give a room life (literally) and demonstrate that a house is occupied and appreciated. You don’t need to have a green thumb to take care of plants, and they may readily add color to neutral spaces. You don’t have to be concerned about ruining your new investment because synthetic plants now seem far better and more realistic than they did only a few years ago. Start with a succulent if you do wish to give indoor gardening a try. For survival, they require a lot of light but little watering and attention.

Increase security to feel safer at home 

Renting could not provide you with the kind of security you require to feel secure, especially if you’re relocating to a new location. Simple improvements are available, such as apartment intercom systems, sliding door locks, and window locks.


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