5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Bed and Breakfast

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Welcoming guests to your bed and breakfast is a rewarding experience that offers many benefits. It can also be challenging when you’re new to the industry. If you’re a big love of traveling, then you’re most likely going to want to have your guest feel just as happy as you do when you’re staying in nice accommodation. It’s true that the bed and breakfast business is a booming industry. It provides a service that is hard to find in the market. 

With this, it also comes with its own set of challenges. So here are some handy tips if you’re thinking of dipping your toes in the hospitality industry and wanting to create the perfect bed and breakfast.


Choose Your Location Wisely

Location, location, location: The first thing you should do is choose a good location for your bed and breakfast. Keep in mind that it should have free parking, be centrally located, have plenty of restaurants nearby (to offer discounts or deals), have easy access to major highways, as well as other attractions like golf courses/ tennis courts/ wineries/ museums. You should also consider the weather when choosing an area for the indoor part of your B&B because some areas are colder then others during certain seasons.

Is there privacy in the home for the guests? In order to find these types of details, there are several websites that offer information about specific locations that you can check out, but you will need to do the research. If this is in your own home, is it worth it? If you’re buying property for this venture, is the location worth it?

Plan Ahead

It’s important that you plan ahead with everything from marketing strategies to staffing needs before opening up your doors for the first time. This still ties in with location as everything needs to be well-located. Plus, where will you purchase the needed products such as cleaning supplies and food?

Have a Pristine Space

Since you will have guests paying you to stay there, you’ll need to have a squeaky clean space. This is also going to need to include Pressure Washing the outside of the building/ house, and the curb appeal needs to be prioritized too.

Don’t Over Extend Yourself

It’s vital that you are not over-extending yourself with too many rooms or amenities. There should only be enough room for what you need so that your guests can enjoy their stay without any complications. If this is just you and your family (so no employees), then something like two to three rooms will be plenty.

Remember, it Takes Time

While there are so many people who believe that this is so simple, it truly isn’t. Whether you choose AirBnB or a full-fledged Bed and Breakfast business is totally up to you, but just remember that it takes a lot of time and patience. This is an industry that is seriously not for everyone and it’s not as simple as having a clean room for guests. Just like hotels and other spaces, this is going to be all about the experience. 

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