My kids at Kings Island, Ohio

Here we are at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. This pic is of my kids (and DH) on their very first roller coaster ride! “The Great Pumpkin Coaster” is super cute, and just enough thrills to keep them happy and excited without scaring the pants off them! It was in the specially designed area of Kings Island called “Planet Snoopy'”, for kids who may not be able to enjoy all the [Read more…]

Covergirl Last Blast Fusion Review

I was sent a tube of Covergirl’s Last Blast Fusion to review. It comes it 4 shades- very black, black, black-brown, and brown. I was sent black-brown. I think it was the right choice for me- I have very dark brown hair, but not quite black. My eyelashes are not very thick, but they are when I use lash [Read more…]

Glide Bike Giveaway On Leslie Loves Veggies

Leslie is doing a GREAT giveaway on her blog today- for a glide bike! I for one, hope to be chosen as the winner, but I am still posting her link here so you [Read more…]

First Pic from our road trip

Just getting into PA, our road trip begins!

We spent 4 days traveling though PA and Ohio.  We spent time in Lancaster County, PA, and Cincinnati and Kings Island, Ohio primarily.  I will post more pics when we finish unpacking and getting settled- it has been a whirlwind few days!
Little Man and Kamikaze had so much fun, and were generally (and surprisingly!) well behaved.  Yay!

Costumes4Less Giveaway

Great Contest for 30$ to Costumes4Less, giveaway by MonniesAngels


check it out!

Giveaway Link

Hello Friends,
One of my very favorite bloggers is doing a GREAT giveaway for Laura’s Lean Beef- beef raised with no anti-biotics and no feed-lot conditions. Those [Read more…]

First Post!

Welcome to my new blog!
I am a mom to my Little Man, 3, and Kamikaze, 6, as well as wife to my Dear Husband.  I am a teacher, and graduate student part time.  Here is a little window into our lives, and we hope to get to know you as you get to know us!  We live and learn with our family, friends, and pets Chaac the wonder-dog and Precious the guinea pig.  Anyone who can suggest anything or way to improve my venture, please share!  I’d love your advice.