Toy Story 3 On Ice!!! Live Show Review!

Last night we saw Toy Story 3 On Ice, a Feld production! I can’t tell you how great it was, but I am going to try, LOL….First- there was no place that you could sit at the IZOD in East Rutherford that you did not have a good view of the show. (By the way, shout out to IZOD- everyone was super-nice, even the parking attendants were helpful and smiled when they spoke to us! Thanks for your great hospitality!) While we were waiting, of course there were a million people walking around with souvenirs, snacks, and fun stuff like that! They were priced like you would expect them to be, but not QUITE as much as some places. For an example- we bought Little Man an Alien Sno Cone and it was 10$. for 12$, I would say no way, but for 10$, OK. The cotton candy with Alien Hat was the same price, as was the Jesse Sno Cone. The toys were priced 12$ and up, T-Shirts were 20 and up. So now you know!
The programs were so cute, Kamikaze can’t wait to show her’s to everyone at her school.
I appreciate that they give you plenty of warning when the show was about to begin, so you can get back from the bathroom and also just get ready and into your seat! When the show started, who was first out onto the ice? Micky, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy! Little about lost his mind!!!  He was so happy to see them, and was not expecting to, so it was a pleasant surprise.

 (guys, can you please forgive my lousy camera work? I don’t know what was up with my camera last night, but I’m so sorry! At least you get the idea!) The foursome was a happy surprise, and I also loved that they introduced the Toy Story 3 On Ice show, giving a brief explanation of events and leading us into Andy’s room!

 Poor Andy, about to go away to college. He has to figure out what to do with his beloved toys! As the toys worry about their fate, there are many “flashback” songs that remind us of their journey. The performers are skilled, and you can see their facial expressions even from far away! They did some pretty wild stunts and tricks, and I have to say I was impressed by the skills of these skaters for a children’s performance. No cutting corners there! (Barbie and Buzz were crazy good! Not that the others weren’t, they were just super in my opinion.) As intermission gets closer, the toys are clearly going to be headed to (gulp) a day care facility. What’s in store for them?
After intermission, the toys find out that the day care is not going to be for them. The children, who have to be larger then the adult performers, are skillfully wielded across the stage and “play” with the toys to “Leave Me Alone” as the toys are tossed about. (Can I tell you how much I personally enjoyed the music in the show? I did!) I was wondering how they were going to pull that off, and kudos to whoever was creative enough for that one! The toys did not like being handled so roughly, and begin to plan their escape back to Andy’s. All except Woody, who is already on his way! Once Sheriff Woody hears of the trouble his friends are facing, he rushes back to save the day. Along with Barbie, he finds a way to free them all from the day care prison (which I as a Pre-K teacher find personally amusing!) and back to Andy’s.
Did you see the movie? Do you know the ending? If you don’t, I won’t spoil it for you.
But I do want to say it was an excellent show, with paratroopers coming down from the ceiling, an appearance from “The Claw”, a super cute Alien dance (one of my favorite numbers!) and a really fab musical score. This is an A+ performance, totally worth the time and money. My kids loved it! I would totally recommend it, and Little was telling all the kids about Toy Story 3 On Ice today at school!
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