Toys That Let Kids Explore Their Creative Side

There are all sorts of options that allow kids to be creative- they can high tech, low tech, or no tech. No one way is best, we like to mix it up and bring in some of all kinds of play and playthings. Here are some of our current favorites.

new skylanders

Are your children Skylanders fans? The popular franchise has expanded again, this time with Skylanders Imaginators. The newest in the series really lets kids unleash their imaginations, as the title suggests. To me, this is the most fun of the games yet. Sticking to the theme of it’s other games, Kaos is once again causing problems in the Skyland, and Eon needs your help to defeat him. However, this Skylanders differs from previous iterations in the way that you can now create your own Skylanders with nothing holding you back but your imagination.  With the help of Senseis in game (these specialize in one of ten different techniques) you can also train your Skylander to defeat Kaos and his minions.  All previous Skylanders can be used with Imaginators, including Super Charger vehicles and traps both of which are functional in race mode.  In total there are 31 new senseis to collect, as well as Creation Crystals which save your own creation in the game.


The main concept behind Imaginators is the ability to build your own Skylander Imaginator.  This Imaginator can be customized in appearance, ability, sounds, and even appendages.  Each edit is done on the fly in game through a series of easy to navigate menus.  Scattered throughout each level in the game itself are items which can be used to build and rebuild your character. The gameplay is easy to pick up and play- hack and slash gaming where exploration is encouraged and villains are colorful and different.  Each level has a theme and each level has an end boss who must be defeated to progress.

The starter set includes a portal, the game itself and a minimum of 2 senseis and an Imaginator crystal to make your own Skylander.  The start set retails for $74.99 and is available nationwide now.

Adventure Time

To continue gaming, but build your own game pieces, try Lego Dimensions.  The Lego brick themed multiverse game is constantly expanding, and with the most recent additions you can now explore the worlds of the children’s favorite Adventure Time, the generational favorite Dr Who, and the TV classic The Simpsons and Springfield to name a few.

LEGO video games

Sets are broken down into a few different categories- the predominant one being levels. The download of an update to your game and the usage of figures from that particular universe (package you purchased)  the level is unlocked. The Simpsons brings your characters into Springfield to solve various quests and requests by locals as well as collect various items to complete the level to 100%.  There are playable levels as well as free play modes, where you can just go exploring to find all the nooks and crannies put in the game. Adventure Time has tons of characters and interactions with authentic voices- this has been a huge hit with both dad and son.  When combining the level pack with the character pack, you can play as the duo Finn and Jake, both causing mischief and saving princesses with the help of BMO and Lumpy Space Princess.  To be honest. my son was least interested in Lumpy Space Princess to start off with, but her animations and interactions with characters are so spot on and genuinely funny, she is now one of his favorites in the entire game across every universe.  In addition to the sets mentioned, there are also fun packs like the Ninjago Cragger pack, which includes the evil Croc-tribe warrior Gragger and his Swamp Skimmer (which can be rebuilt into Cragger’s Fireship and Croc Command Sub).  This is one of the interesting parts of Lego Dimensions- vehicles aren’t only one vehicle but can be upgraded and rebuilt into other forms making them stronger or adding a new mode of transportation to the game, such as a submarine going underwater or a jet which can fly around.  Each pack is jammed full of fun with levels, characters and of course the Legos themselves which come with digital instructions on how to build some characters in game.  Once put together the characters can also be played with just as other Lego sets are and fit in with the rest you have at home. Prices vary per pack and set size.

Playmobil sets

Want to keep building? You know how much we love Playmobil, and they have just come out with perhaps one of my favorite sets of all time. How adorable is this Halloween themed Haunted House Playset? It’s numbers are 5638- those are important when looking up a Playmobile set! This is adorable, and perfect for this time of year. It comes with two Halloween themed figures (Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster), mice, a skull, a raven, vials to make spooky concoctions in your lab, and more. The lab also closes, fitting all peices inside. This makes storage a breeze, and means you can take your toy with you on the go.  This is a fantastic toy- one of my favorites ever from Playmobil. And the price is right- $18 at Walmart, prices vary at other stores.

kids app toys

When you want to relax, but still want to enjoy some interesting play, check out Bluebee Pals. Kids can prop up a laptop, tablet, or smart phone onto their laps and tuck into their plush arms, or just plug the device in and watch what Bluebee can do. There are five options of plush to choose from, Riley the Zebra, Sammy the Bear, Hudson the Puppy, Lily the Lamb, and Leo the Lion. These soft and sweet learning tools can move their mouths when they talk, sing, or read to your child when connected to any Bluetooth device via Apple to Android in any language, with any app that has sound. Really. We even tried it with a Japanese heavy metal band- results were hilarious. Bluebee can even be used as a telephone, since it has a built in speaker and microphone. Not only is this fun, but facilitates language and literacy.  A rechargeable battery with USB micro-charged cable is included with the plush of your choice, and retails for $64.99 and available at