Scholastic Interactive Apps

Scholastic have long been makers of much loved children’s books. Today we are looking at 2 new apps by Scholastic each of which is based on a classic line of educational fun. One The Magic School bus and the other I-Spy.


The Magic School Bus: Field Trip Frenzy takes players on adventurous multiplayer games where they take trips into the human body, the Amazon rainforest, and outer space to name a few fun locations. Each game features competitive play and is mean to be played on a 10inch or bigger All in One or Two in One devices. The game gets kids interested in science and exploration. The game is set up in a game show type format with bright colors and seamless gameplay, which is both fun and exciting for kids of all ages. If you have a big screen tablet or touchscreen device, you owe it to yourself to grab this game for your little ones. Magic School Bus: Field Trip Frenzy retails on the Windows App Store for $1.49 and is available now.
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Fun With Colors App


There are a ton of apps out there aimed at little ones and have a color theme.  Today we are looking at one with a unique look and creative flash that makes learning fun and easy.  This app is called Fun with Colors.

This app is geared toward pre-schoolers, and is great fun for little ones through any age because of its variety of content.  Based on “Weiß weiß Bescheid” by Paul Köntopp, a German book about color and painting, this app has a different look to it that must be seen and has a real world feel but still silly and cute.


The book centers on the adventures of paint as does the app.  The app actually has the ebook included in it.  The app is broken up into three parts- ebook, paint, and play components, each of which is great on its own.  The ebook is a fun story of paint and its adventures.  The paint portion has the child learn how to mix well with others then enjoy the beauty of differences and how bringing them together can be a truly beautiful event.
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Portable North Pole – Fun App for Kids

Disclosure: I am a Portable North Pole Christmas Magic Ambassador. I received compensation and complementary Portable North Pole products in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The clock is ticking on Christmas and its time to brign it up a notch with Portable North Pole.  But instead of the full Portable North Pole site, we are looking at the portable versions of Christmas fun.  Portable North Pole have bucked the tradition this year and released not one but two Christmas themed apps this year.  PNP Santa Sprint and PNP Portable North Pole 2013.

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First we will look at PNP Santa Sprint.  This is a game where the player moves a young Elf around various North Pole themed settings to collect items and restore Santa’s workshop.  After each level the big man himself, Santa tells a video story. The game is optimized for iPod 5th gen, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and all higher versions.  The game retails for $2.99 as is available now on iTunes.

The Portable North Pole 2013 app is the mobile gateway to all things Portable North Pole, for parents and for kids.  Parents are able to create personalized personal video messages from Santa, personal phone call from Santa, and access to their PNP account.  Kids on the other hand have access to a whole other side os the app.  This includes a digital Advent calender, acess to your child’s personal video, a Christmas sleep countdown to the big day, and Christmas Radar to show you where Santa’s village is located.  The app retails on iTunes for $3.99.
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Ematic Funtab Pro


Disclosure: The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

Tablets can be great fun, if you know how to use them.  Kids are now exposed to a plethora of technology which previous generations could barely dream of and the best way to get them into the swing of things is by letting them use them.   The issue being most tablets are sensitive pieces of electronics.  So what is a parent to do?

tablet for kids

Well Ematic has an idea, a kid friendly tablet made just for kids with parents in mind called the Funtab Pro.

The Funtab has tons of features to help ease you into letting your kids use a tablet for learning or play.  Some of these features are the award winning Zoodles for Kids interface which keeps kids safe and parent traceable online and off while still giving them the freedom and ability to use their new tablet.  Not only is Zoodles an option but also a fully unlocked tablet is accessible for parents or kids if you so wish.
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Traveling? Apps to pack to avoid summer brain drain

Warm weather and sunshine are putting families across the country in vacation-planning mode. Whether traveling by train, plane or automobile, mobile devices are typically the first thing parents and kids pack.

techy travel

In fact, American families take more than 100 million leisure trips a year and the average family juggles up to six devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets to laptops. It’s no surprise that summer is the most popular family travel time, and for many kids the school break can result in a measurable brain drain. Studies show students lose about a month of learning during the summer break. Concerned parents can dial up the learning quotient with a few well-packed apps that keep little ones engaged whether traveling far or settling in for a summer staycation.

With more than 300 new apps unveiled every day, finding the right-sized app for your child can be daunting. Skip the exhausting mind-meld. Smart parents use trusted sites like Common Sense Media to search for apps by age, theme and ratings, or pop onto a family-friendly network like Fingerprint to peruse a library of apps that parents approve and kids love.

By doing a little homework, parents can find an app for every kind of kid – world traveler, animal lover, nature explorer or inquisitive preschooler.

For your budding world traveler

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