The Right Car Seat Could Save Your Child’s Life

Sadly, children under 12 years of age die because of car accidents, daily. Automobile accidents are the number one cause, and many of these tragedies are preventable. By choosing the right car seat and using it correctly, every single time, parents give their children the best gift of all: a future.

Anyone who drives a vehicle with children onboard needs to ensure these three things: the right car seat is chosen, it is correctly used and it is in use every time. While there are no national regulations for car seat safety, each state sets their own laws about their use. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) makes recommendations, and along with, these two resources provide a wealth of knowledge for drivers.

Picking The Right Size Car Seat

Babies and children up to age 12 need their own child seat, which attaches to the vehicle using the car’s factory seat belt. Different makes of cars require slightly different shapes of child seats; the child seat must be able to sit flush and secure against the vehicle’s back seat. Back seats are far safer than front seats so are always preferable.

Rear-facing infant seats are designed for newborns and up to the age [Read more…]

Halo Sleep Sack Crib Set Review & Giveaway @HaloSleepSack

With the American Academy of Pediatrics now saying “no” to crib bumpers, HALO Innovations has introduced its own Safe Sleep Crib Setdesigned to create an attractive and safe sleep environment for babies.

This five piece HALO Safe Sleep Crib Set consists of a Halo Sleepsack wearable blanket, SleepSack Swaddle, both in 100% cotton; two coordinating crib sheets in soft cotton jersey; and a matching crib skirt.

What HALO has to say:

“Too often parents ‘overdress’ the crib with quilt and bumpers, both of which can pose a breathing threat for baby,” comments Bill Schmid, founder of Halo Innovations. “The Halo SleepSack and SleepSack Swaddle are the only things a baby needs in the crib to stay warm and sleeping safely, and the soft jersey sheet provides a snug fit on the mattress.

My thoughts:

I absolutely LOVE everything about this set!! It is an amazing set that has been great for my girls! My oldest daughter had a SleepSack swaddle when she was younger, but I never realized that this Set was available. [Read more…]

Win an Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap

Anyone with a baby most definitely knows that a swaddle can QUICKLY calm a fussy baby. Swaddles help reduce crying and allow your baby to get more sleep. Both of these factors are very key in the sanity of a new parent!

The Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap is the only swaddle on the market that doesn’t have a blanket attached. Without a blanket attached, The swaddle strap is quick and easy to use on your child. It also comes in 2 different sizes so that your baby can use it as long as needed!

My daughter absolutely loved the swaddle strap. She still enjoys sleeping with a swaddle, but she sure is a hot little girl. She just seemed to sweat no matter what was on underneath her in the other traditional swaddle blankets. I really like that with these hot summer nights she can still sleep good with the swaddle strap!

I think this is a great product, because you can dress your child in whatever you like, and they [Read more…]

Balboa Diaper Tote Review and Giveaway @BalboaBaby

I have been on the hunt for a new diaper bag for awhile! When I found the Lime Poppy Tote Bag, I had a feeling that this would be the bag that I had been looking for. (Review by Danielle)

It is a great size to be able to fit all my needs for 2 children inside. There are two great pockets on the inside that I love to use, as well as two big pockets on the outside that I can put things in as well! I know sometimes with deep totes it can seem that everything gets lost at the bottom, and I can honestly say that I have not had that happen.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Wash-n-dry
  • Quilted Fabric with Contrast Lining
  • Reinforced Straps
  • Includes Balboa Baby luggage tag

I’m pretty crazy about baby products! I have to wash everything before it is used. I threw this in the washing machine and the dryer before I even put things inside it! As you can see in my pictures it holds up great through the washing machine!! It has a very nice soft fabric, and it is very easy to carry around!

This is the first product [Read more…]

Beyond Bedding- Adorable Bedding for Your Little Ones

Looking for some well made, and super cute bedding? Take a look at Beyond Bedding. Beyond bedding specializes in affordable unique, quality bedding for beds of all sizes. From toddler bedding sets to pretty adult bed sized micro suede sets- and all are affordable and fun!

I needed to take a look at the kids bedding sets, since Little needed a new set. Dinosaurs, stars and moons, cowboys and even teddy bears and turtles. We thought the Woodland Forest set was a perfect fit for him- he chose it himself. Everybody knows how much Little loves animals 🙂 The colors are bright, the characters are “super cutie” in Little’s words, and the price is right too. It’s always easier, in my opinion, to buy in a set that comes all together.

Little Man loves all the foxes and how busy and alive the set looks without being [Read more…]