How To Satisfy The Entire Family In The Kitchen

Ensuring that everyone in the family is satisfied after a meal is important, especially for children. Children can be fussy eaters throughout their maturing stages. Hence, knowing some simple tricks to make food enjoyable for everyone at home will ensure that they eat what is given to them, which will save you time and stress. 

If you are someone that lacks the knowledge of how to satisfy everyone at home in the kitchen, here are some useful ideas. 

cooking with kids

Create simple recipes

Most children dislike complex recipes. Therefore, it is a good idea to make simple and yummy recipes. 

For instance, following a simple oven grilled cheese recipe will help you make a delicious meal for the family while using up staples in the kitchen. No child can moan about such a yummy meal. Hence, the simpler you keep your cooking the less time and money you will spend cooking and the more satisfied everyone can be.

Get the children involved

Should your children often complain about what you make them, then showing them how to cook will help them experiment and find out what they love. 

To get started, it can be useful to get them involved with baking. Baking is fun for kids, so it is a great way to get them involved with cooking at home. Allowing them to get messy and choose a recipe means that they won’t moan and groan when you ask them to help. Instead, they will find it fun and they can start to learn how to cook, bake, and play with ingredients. 

Ask everyone their favorite meals and create a weekly plan

If you cook what you love every day, then how are you supposed to satisfy everyone at home? Asking your family what they love to eat means that you can make weekly rotas and ensure that everyone gets a meal that they enjoy. That way, the food preparation can be easy (as you can all eat the same thing) and everyone will be happy. 

When there are dietary requirements, it can be useful to create that person/people their own dish so that they can be fulfilled while everyone else eats what they like too. Or, you could change your usual recipes so that everyone eats the same. Hence, the people with requirements can be satisfied and your cooking time is reduced. 

Create themed nights

Although you won’t have time to have themed dinners every night, it can help to introduce them once or twice a week. Creating healthy meals for the family can be the plan throughout the week. Then, creating a themed treat night at the weekend can help everyone have something to look forward to. 

Creating a themed night will bring everyone together and spice things up in your kitchen, at least once a week anyway. You could opt for Mexican or Indian if that’s what your family loves. Then, you can alternate them each week. Or, go all out and introduce a new cuisine from around the world each week.

WIN Kids CookBook Handstand Kids- Baking around the world- By Yvette Garfield

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Baking in pj’s! It’s all good!

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Rolling in sugar!




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