5 Super Secrets to Make Fluffiest Cakes without Eggs

Cakes are proof that good still exists in this world. Young, teenagers, or adults, everyone wants a slice every now and then. That yummy, moist, fluffy slice that melts right in the mouth has a charm that no one could escape. The main ingredient that lends a cake its moist texture is an egg. It is considered to be a cardinal element needed to make a moist cake. But some of the most delicious cakes are available eggless too. If you are a baker at heart and wish to serve eggless cake to your family or guests, then you don’t have to fret a bit. This article will take you on an eggless ride in the world of cake. Every flavour that can be baked with egg, can be made available in eggless variety too and they will be as scrumptious as the one with eggs. Here how you can do it:

  1. Replacement of Eggs

First thing first, replacement of egg with soda and vinegar. Sounds strange? The main role of eggs in a cake is to bind the mix and lend a fluffy and airy texture. This strange-sounding mixture of soda and vinegar will play the same role in your eggless cake. It will give the cake rise and will be responsible for light texture. Make sure to use distilled vinegar, so that it doesn’t add to the taste. Without adding a lighter agent, your cake will become heavy, just like the cookie.

  1. Beat’em Up

You have to keep in mind to beat and blend smooth all the buttery and oily part of the batter. If mixing is forming bubbles and lumps, it will be best to whip them all while baking an eggless cake. After whipping, you will get a similar texture like a cake with eggs in it.

  1. Add Dry Ingredients

Once your mixture is whipped, fluffy texture of butter or oil is ready, add dry ingredients to it one by one and in smaller quantities. This way, the air in the mixture will not be lost and the texture will remain soft. Using a folding movement in a single direction will yield the best result for an eggless cake. Do not let the air escape by adding large quantities of dry ingredients else the baked cake will be dry instead of moist.

  1. Do Not Check the Cake

Wish to check the cake, how’s it coming up or whether it’s done or not? Whatever you do, do not open the oven to check on the cake until the baking is done. Every time you open the oven before the final product, you lose a certain amount of temperature and the cake will become stone-hard when subjected to cold and hot temperature alternatively. This wait will get you sweet results.

  1. Remove from the Pan Immediately

Once the cake is done, remove it from the pan immediately. This is one trick you have to follow while baking an eggless cake otherwise even a well-cooked cake will collapse and will become dense. It will affect the taste and will make the cake look bad too.

Follow these secrets to the core and garner appreciation from one and all.