John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks

Warning, this post is not for the lactose intolerant.  Read further upon your own discretion.  I am not to be held responsible for drooling on the keyboard either. 😛


There are many addictive items in life.  These come in many different forms, most of which can destroy a person body adn soul.  But there is one addictive substance which never lasts long in our house, delicious snacks.  Delicious snacks are usualy crunchy and either salty or sweet.  One of the most recent cases of, “oh my I think i ate the whole box.”  Have been CheeseSticks by John Wm Macy.  These delightful snacks are crunchy cheesey or sweet treats in the form of triested sticks or bite size portions.  both of which seem to disappear soon after the box is opened.  These treats come in three forms and many flavors.

delicious party snacks

Great Snacks for the Whole Family

The first is the original form: CheeseSticks.   These started out with original in 1985 but are now available in a variety of flavors including Cheddar and Scallion, Garlic Romano, Dijon Swiss and Melting Parmesan.  All have a wonderful real cheese flavor which you can smell and taste.  When twisted with the sourdough these snacks are unique in their simple yet robust flavors.  All flavors are good and it is very difficult to picka  favorite although as of now we lean toward Cheddar Scallion.
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