Mean Green Cleaning for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means. Everyone you know (and some you don’t) will soon be invading your home- or you theirs. Or both.  The back and forth of visiting over the holidays is pretty endless, and with it comes two things- mess and germs. Well, yes- holiday fun, food, and gifts as well- but you will want to be prepared for the first two things to keep your season merry and bright!

This time of year it’s extra important to keep the house clean. The weather outside is frightful- keep it’s blech out there, not in your homes and off of your spaces. Mean Green is great- they have a multitude of products to choose from, and it’s easy to keep them handy as you need them.

The Mean Green® Super Strength Heavy Duty Wipes are really great to keep around and very handy- they are “specially formulated to out-clean other brands on tough grease and grime. Easily removes grease, grime, oil, adhesives, and other tough messes from various surfaces. It’s ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, garage, DIY projects, construction sites, commercial cleaning, in the home, or on the move”. I keep some under the sink for those “fun” messes boys like to make near the toilet, as well as in the kitchen for spills and stickiness that paper towels just can’t deal with. They make fast work of these and more.

The entire Mean Green line are great cleaners and work great for their specific specialties.  I would highly suggest grabbing a few at your local retailer.

Clean with Mean Green in 2017

There are quite a few items in the Mean Green family of cleaning products, all of which help make your home cleaner- more quickly and easily.  2017 is going to add a few more items to its already robust line of products.  These are Heavy Duty Super Strength Wipes, Auto and Garage Cleaner and Degreaser, and the Car Wash.  All work great in the garage, outdoors, and so many other messes (even your car).  The wipes are a favorite, being so “ready to go” and remove grease, grime, oil, adhesives, and other gross stuff with little effort.   They an be used all over the home, from the garage to the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond.  I would of course use a different wipe for each room…

Use by spraying down the walls and crevices after you shower, and keep mildew from growing in your bathroom. Bonus? No scrubbing required.

The Car Wash is made to work into a  rich foam that removes dirt and grime, cleaning the exterior of your car easily.  We tried out out the auto and garage cleaner and degreaser.  This cleaning product is made specifically to cut through tough messes that gets on your car, like petroleum based grease, grime, and oil.  It works on concrete, metal, tools, outdoor furniture, grills, and pretty much all outdoor surfaces you can think of as well.  The Auto and Garage Cleaner definitely cuts through the grease quickly and easily, making quick work of spilled oil or fluids from a leaky car, or from a home auto repair job.  This also works well at cleaning up that “fix it” corner of your garage where paint is sometimes used (and spilled), and to clean up adhesives, or fuels.  This would normally take a lone time to clean, or with some special hack or trick, but now all you need is one cleaner to tame your yard and garage.  Boom, hack that.

Easy to use, and effective, Mean Green works well on sinks, floors, bathtubs- and beyond. Better yet? The first time.

The entire Mean Green line are great cleaners and work great for their specific specialties.  I would highly suggest grabbing a few at your local retailer.

Mean Green 101 For All Your Cleaning Needs

Ok, so we all have favorite for specific tasks.  I do too. But, sometimes, change is good. Why not change it up with a new (and proven) brand which can be used it more places then you thought? Less expensive then many brands, as well, and you won’t believe how well it works. I was so surprised I called my husband in to look.

Take a look at the Mean Green De-greaser.  This is the jumping off point into the Mean Green family of cleaning products.  This line includes items for cleaning bathroom, kitchen, garage, recreational outdoor areas, laundry room, and patio.  In the kitchen, it can clean everything from the cooking hood, to the cabinets, and floors, and beyond.  The bathroom is another big cleaning zone, from tiles to mirrors to grout, the shower and toilet- everything in here can be cleaned with Mean Green. As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows, I have a “sore spot” with the bathroom- my son and husband are disgusting. Truly. I cannot tell you how many times a week I clean the bathroom- sometimes how many times a DAY I clean the same “certain areas”. Yes, I make them do it too, but it sure hasn’t stopped them from their gross behaviors.  Honestly, I don’t even know how urine GETS in some of these spots…, man. But I really, really loved the job the Mean Green products did on my bathroom. It smells better, gets the gross out of even the tile grout- I’m just really, really happy with it.

The patio could get a good clean down every so often, especially at the beginning of the season (like now, for Memorial Day gatherings!)  to reinvigorate that tired deck or concrete.  Grease on recreational fun is a big issue too when either on ATV’s, RV’s, or boats, Mean Green is a welcome addition to the supplies bag.  In the laundry room, pre treater and laundry detergent are available, which will make your laundering experience just a bit easier and clothes last a bit longer as well.  No matter your need, Mean Green is there for you. Mean Green Super Strength cleaner and degreaser is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that gets grease out and eliminates grime from most surfaces. From fabric to concrete, Mean Green has been a trusted brand for more than 20 years.The Extra Strength is our go to cleaner for just about any mess where speed is needed as is strength.  To punch out food stains on carpet, dog mess on kitchen floor, more dog mess on kitchen floor, and finally a bit more dog mess on the kitchen floor.  But at least its not the carpet…..usually.

Check them out when you can, I really think you will like it.

3 Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

Water damage in your home or basement can wreak havoc on your property and your wallet. Not only can water damage ruin your most prized possessions, but it can also leave behind mold, mildew and structural damage. Luckily, if you act quickly, you may be able to minimize the damage to your possessions. Depending on how recently the water damage occurred, you may be able to save some furniture or carpeting. To get you started, here are some tips for cleaning your home after water damage:

1. Never ignore sitting water. If you detect flood water in any part of your home, it needs to be addressed immediately. Whether you are dealing with a damp basement or an inch of standing water, this can quickly develop into a mold problem. Not only can mold grow in walls, carpets, and furniture, but it can also cause poor indoor air quality. This can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma or other severe illnesses.  The best way to avoid these issues is to prevent the growth of mold by protecting your home from water damage.

2. Assess the damage. In the event that water does find its way into your home, the first thing you will need to do is assess the damage. When possible, try to dry the affected area and clean it with products that are designed to destroy mildew. Use fans in wet areas to help them dry faster and more efficiently. Likewise, a heater can help dry wet areas by removing moisture from the air. Depending on the size of the wet area, you may be able to use a hair dryer instead of a fan or heater.

3. Enlist the help of a professional. When left untreated, water-damaged areas can quickly become a breeding ground for dangerous mold. Even if you think you managed to dry up all the water, it is still a good idea to have the area examined by a professional.  Companies like DKI Services are specially trained to handle a wide-range of water damage related issues. This includes everything from mold remediation to hoarder cleaning services.  These professionals are highly-trained and can help ensure that the water damage does not further impact your home or air quality.

Dealing with water damage can be stressful, but it does not have to be. Follow these simple tips for cleaning your home after water damage and you will be well on your way to a clean and mold-free house.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

Have you ever heard of Molly’s Suds? It’s an environmentally healthy laundry detergent that is made to use for people with allergies and sensitive skin. It doesn’t have all the chemicals, dyes, and perfumes that most detergents do, so it’s easier on your skin (and the planet).  Another cool thing is that you use less then with most other brands- one bag lasts about 60 medium size loads (for the basic bag). Clothes come out looking just as fresh and clean, without all the nonsense.

Comprised of only five earth ingredients and formulated especially for sensitive skin, Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder is safe and ideal for your clothes AND your family. PLUS, rated “A” in the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning!

The super-concentrated powder is long-lasting and affordable, with just one tablespoon required per load. Just as effective as conventional brands and more effective than natural brands, without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservatives or GMO ingredients. Works great in all water temperatures and hard water, and is septic- and High Efficiency (HE) washer-safe.

If you are looking for something inexpensive and great for the whole family, you will want to try this. You don’t need to buy the more expensive sensitive skin detergents sold in stores, or make your own earth friendly detergent. This is way easier and less costly then most detergents.  Head over and see what they have, and pick a size that works for you. There are other products available, as well.

Sharks and Ninjas to Help You Clean Up Your 2017

Now that the holidays are done and gone, what do you do with all the leftovers? Cleaning up after the festivities can be quite a project. Here are some of our favorite finds to clean up our acts in 2017.

Everyone has been in and out of your home for months now. The floors are a mess, and you could really use a deep cleaning.  From winter mud and snow and salt to all the random foods prep and holiday wrapping and decorations, there is just more mess then usual. The Shark Rocket Complete  is beast of a vacuum, with two powered brush rolls to make sure all the debris is picked up.  It’s good for hard floors or carpets, as well. The soft roll and gets into things by grabbing large, small, or stuck on items off hard flooring while grabbing large particles and piles on carpets.  The second brush roll has a bristle head, which on hard flooring accelerates large, small, and stuck on particles into the vacuum while on carpet deep cleans and pulls stuck on and small particles into the vacuum.  These two brush rolls working together make short work of just about any dry mess you can think of as well as regular vacuuming around the house.  It really gets in there, and you can tell the difference. About $200 on

For those sealed hard floor messes which a vacuum isn’t built for, check out the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System.  This mop system is built to deep clean your floors using steam as the main agitator. The steam releases most messes and spills with minimal effort through the pad, lifting away the mess without you every having to touch it.  The stem can also be delivered directly to the floor with the Steam Blaster, which was created for stuck on or greasy messes, where steam is applied directly to the mess and can be wiped away with the pad secondarily.  The pad itself grabs 99.9% of common household bacteria (according to the manufacturer).  The best part is the amazing clean you get- the second best is the hands off approach to cleaning it gives you.  The pad detaches right into the laundry without ever having to get your hands dirty with a simple button push. That’s the third best part- no more pads to buy. About $120 on

If you are looking to clean up your eating habits as well, you might want a Ninja. Not only useful, but it’s fun to mess around with. The Nutri Ninja Nutri bowl Duo is an all in one blender, fusion machine for food prep, and processor. It can break down whole foods, seeds, ice, nuts, and more.  The dual usage for this machine will have you grabbing for it more often then you’d expect.  Plus, like I mentioned- it’s fun. Addicting, even. The Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction and Pro Extractor Blades® Assembly makes amazing smoothies and shakes as well as pops and purees, whatever your pleasure might be.  It can also make dough. The included recipe book is a great start for inspiration, and has some fun ideas as well.  Once you get the hang of using these devices (which won’t take long)  it will become second nature to grab fairly constantly.  About $140 on Amazon.

The Ninja Coffee Bar System has become a fast favorite in our house, and completely wow-ing my very picky husband. If you are a coffee lover, or perhaps spend more time or money then you want to in a coffee house, this is a great way to keep more money in your wallet and time in your calendar. This is a full system that is neither so huge it takes up the entire counter, nor so expensive you will need a loan to purchase it. Better yet, it’s not complicated to use, and it doesn’t require the use of expensive and wasteful (and environmentally unfriendly) pods.  Make multiple sizes, types, even iced coffees. It includes a milk frother (which you will love more then you think) and  theNinja exclusive Café Forte to amplify the flavors of your drinks. It also comes with drink recipes, which are interesting to try.  About $180 at

Spring Cleaning When You’re Short on Time #SpringClean16 #Walmart #ad

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood.

pic 11

As the flowers blossom and the Earth finally starts to defrost (at least certain days), it is that magical time of year for home owners called Spring Cleaning.  During this time of year, millions go to their local stores and grab he necessary supplies to bring their home back from the dreary closed windows and doors time of winter and clean out the dust and cobwebs. It’s nice to have some fresh air inside, and that fresh smell is even better with a totally clean house.  The perfect place to start this Spring Clean Up Prep is Walmart.  Walmart has all the best products including Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper Double Rolls, Cottonelle® Clean Care, and Scott® 1000.


Spring cleaning can be a big job.  With Viva, you get the ability to clean more than just spills so you can unleash clean in your home.  Cottonelle cleans everything that needs cleaning in the bathroom area, and Scott 1000 gives you the quality, performance and long-lasting value you want in 1,000 sheets.  With these products on your side all clean up jobs are within your reach from bathroom floor to the kitchen sink and everything in between.  Walmart even has a specific place to fulfill all your Spring cleaning needs in one stop, The Motherhood.


A few tips for your Spring Cleaning this year are:  Start early and give yourself time.  Try to enjoy your cleaning and make a routine of it, so it is less of a chore and more automatic.  Music makes everything more fun, so pump up the tunes and rock out while doing your particularly unfavorable duties.  Just watch the air guitar while dusting the breakables.  Insist on help, do not ask for it, get the whole house involved- the more help you get the quicker the work gets done.


Be sure to check out your local Walmart today for money saving deals and the best values for all your Spring cleaning needs.


Consumer Reports #1 Rated Detergent, Persil

Persil is a popular laundry detergent brand which originated in Europe and is now available in the USA. Your clothes will thank you for trying this; its powerful stain-fighting, exceptional whitening, and amazing freshness are unbeatable.

It recently beat out long time favorite Tide for the #1 slot- as a long time Tide lover, I was dubious I would like it as much, let alone more.  After trying it, I can tell you that I do like it just as much, and the smell is fantastic.  I love the scent- it is long lasting, fresh, and fills the room with a clean and uplifting fragrance. The clothes are also clean and it is good at cleaning the messes your family leaves on clothing, which is really all you can ask for in a detergent.  You can use it for colors or whites, as well.


Working on any upcoming segments? just rated Persil ProClean Power-Liquid 2in1 “the best detergent they have ever tested”, ranking it 1st in their recently released results, and relegating Tide, which has held the top spot for years, to 2nd place.

Persil ProClean Power-Liquid 2in1 (currently at Walmart; rolling out to other retailers nationwide now)

With the power-packed combination of Persil detergent plus Pro-Lift Technology™, 2in1 is the most powerful stain-fighting Persil detergent available. Persil 2in1 laundry detergent is great for everyday laundry and has a power-boosted formula to help fight tough stains.

  • Pro-Lift Technology™ for the most powerful Persil stain-fighting detergent
  • Optimized for use in all washing machine types, including high efficiency (HE) washers
  • Use with white and colored laundry

Visit for more information on all their products.