Laguna Beach Textile Company Review

High Quality Towels with Style.

Laguna Beach Textile Company is the perfect example of a young entrepreneur taking personal experience to create an amazing product. Lets face it, not all towels are created equal. Softness, durability, absorbency, all play a role. These factors make the experience of our daily towel use what it is, or in the case of Laguna Beach Textile Company what it can be.

I was most interested in their signature product, beach towels. I know this is not traditionally the season for it, but when you want to give luxury and quality in a product that will get a lot of use any opportunity to gift is ideal. So I picked out their Midnight Blue and Seafoam Cabana Beach Towel. The company’s owner was himself a cabana boy working at a resort in Laguna Beach so I expected to be impressed and I was! These towels are thick, beautifully made, and ultra absorbent. There are a few design options, all of which make a stylish addition to any home.

For those that are looking for something more daily use they also have bath towels or a new line of Turkish Towels. The bath towels are made from Aegean Turkish cotton and fun new fact, there is a special measurement to gage towel thickness, GMI. Most towels rate 600 GMI, but Laguna Beach Textile Company Towels are 800 GMI, 33% thicker than average towels. Colors are limited, they come in White, Midnight Blue, and Pewter Gray. Any of these is a great mainstay for your regular use towels and you can always throw in an accent towel if you want to tie in your bathroom decor.

I am also in love with the Turkish Towel. One side is smooth cotton while the other is looped terry cotton. You get the absorbency of a cabana towel on one side and the sleek look of a Turkish Towel on the other. The fringe also adds a nice touch to the appearance. A plus to this towel is that it gets softer with every wash so very user friendly.

For all of you picnickers and beach goers there is one more item to consider. The Newport Picnic & Outdoor Blanket, which is a combination of fleece with a waterproof fabric backing that will keep you dry no matter where you set down your picnic basket. If you enjoy going to parks, outdoor events, or yes, the beach, this is a must have item. It comes with its own carry case and adjustable strap so transport is easy and hands free.  The waterproof backing is the feature that puts this over the top for me, plus when at the beach by having both this and your beach towels you can keep the towels sand free and sit on the blanket.

Take this opportunity to upgrade your home with comfort and quality from Laguna Beach Textile Company or improve your picnic basket and beach gear.  You can find out more about the company on their website –

Or check out Laguna Beach Textile Company on Social Media – FacebookTwitter Instagram


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