Can You Migrate Without the Help Of A Lawyer?

When you want to migrate to Canada, one of the questions on your mind might be the requirements you need. While they are not explicitly included in the conditions, you might wonder whether immigration services are necessary. To give a straightforward answer, you can migrate to Canada even without the help of a lawyer or a consultant.

However, the better question would be should you hire one? The answer would be yes. While you can handle all the forms, requirements, and tasks on your own, there are just so many advantages to getting an immigration lawyer to help you, especially when you want to move to Canada permanently.

Immigration lawyer services might cost some money, but they are usually within most individuals’ budgets. If you want higher acceptance rates and a more straightforward application process, getting the service of a lawyer can give you that. In particular, the Canadian immigration assistance from can be one of your best choices.

Here are the possible reasons why getting the service of an immigration consultant would be ideal for you.


You want to speed up your application process.

There are various reasons why your application process is taking too long. You might not have all of the necessary documents. You have a hard time filling out forms. There are some steps that you do not understand. Whatever they are, your application takes longer when you do it on your own.

However, if you get the service of a consultant, they can help you get a faster process. They would help you in securing all of your documents. They can also fill out most parts of the forms for you. They are used to every step and would easily interpret them. 


Your application had already been rejected before.

If you have applied in the past but received a rejection, then it means that something was lacking in your previous application. You might have failed to fulfill a particular requirement. If you try to apply on your own again, you might be accepted this time around. However, you can get more security in your application process when you get a lawyer to handle it for you.

There might be some qualifications that you have failed to show on your own. No matter what it is, it might be hard to determine which one is it if you are doing it by yourself. However, with an immigration service to help you, they can determine what parts of your application need to be polished. They can arrange your documents and prepare you to get accepted on your next try. 


You do not have a spotless record.

You might have committed a minor crime in the past. Because of this, you might think that the chances of immigration to Canada are zero. However, if the crime you committed is relatively small, you can still be accepted if you get the service of a Canadian immigration consultant.

They would handle your situation because you are not the first individual to do it. As long as you have not committed major crimes, Canadian immigration lawyers would be able to help you out. They would know the right people to talk to handle your situation. 


You are having a hard time getting all your requirements.

Are you having a hard time locating all of the required documents? Is your application being stalled because you cannot get all the requirements? While you can try your best to find everything yourself, you might slow down your application. If you try and cannot locate them all, it can even be detrimental to your immigration plans.

With the service of an immigration lawyer, you will have extra hands to assist you. Depending on how reliable their service is, they should locate your documents for you. They might need to ask for your signature to secure them. However, as a dedicated office for immigration, they would have contacts with different agencies. 


You have to handle the application process of your entire family.

It is already challenging to ensure that you can prepare for your application process independently. This difficulty increases when you are preparing for other people, too. If you are looking to migrate with other family members, there would be additional requirements that you have to fulfill.

You would be able to handle group applications on your own. However, it is better to get an immigration assistance service. This is because family applications have stricter requirements. If you have other tasks at hand, you might not focus on them entirely. In that case, you might increase your rejection chances.