Krill Oil – for Your Overall Health

Krill Oil is a great new supplement that is good for many things, including your overall health. Heart, bones, joints, and more can benefit from this little pill. Maybe you have all heard something about it, maybe not. I did a bit of research and found out why krill oil is so good for us. Krill is a very small animal found in deep waters. Krill is the bottom of the food chain, just about everything that eats meat in the ocean eats krill. Krill oil is what the fish digest to have fish oil in them. The fish oil is digested, assimilated krill oil. So if we eat krill oil, we get the benefits of fish oil- only better, because our body will do the same, and that is what is thought to happen to our bodies with krill oil. Krill Oil compares to fish oil like this:

krill oil bottleMore Omega 3s. Krill Oil contains [Read more…]